A dip in the sea

A dip in the sea
Walton shore up towards Frinton
GD’s Feet

So GD slipped a disc and has been off work a while now, its given him a bit of scare, GD saw my Mr T the physio last week who diagnosed a case of pot belly itis and GDs taking the advice he has been given earnestly. Loose weight, exercises, swim, cycle, and walking on sand and grass So today we headed of to the coast to walk on the sand and over the grassy dunes. We also took a dip in the sea which was bracingly freezing, but great fun as we also skinny dipped a bit when we were out far enough from shore not to be caught. Walton on the Naze is our go to beach, its a quiet little place and on a good day you can see over to Harwich and glimpse the huge loading cranes and the ships sailing over to the Hook in Holland. We took our storm kettle and brewed up a cup of herbal tea using the drift wood we gathered from the shore. Another name for them is ghillie
 kettle we love ours, it means we don’t have to
search around for a cafe and we get a nice hot
drink after a cold swim. Something we like to
 do is called wild swimming, you can get a book now
listing all the tried and tested spots around Great Britain.We are going down to Dartmoor soon to try out some pools in that area.

stoking the fire

                                                                                Its been a great Day and we’ve done as the pysio has instructed and I ask myself why it took a bad back before we thought of just walking in nature on a Friday in June. The physio also told GD to practice pelvic thrusting exercises, GD looked  rather pleased there so I brought him a hula hoop

the storm kettle water boiled

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