D Day

Today is another D day, departure day. Child 4 has found his wings and is moving to his first flat, not so far, just a few miles down the road. Last week child 3 secured a teaching post down in Cornwall and is flying the coop, although mostly flown already this will be a six hour drive away no more drop by and bacon sandwiches on the hoof, and sneaky bags of washing mysteriously appearing by the washing machine door. Although C4 has booked Thursday as a meal and drop off washing day and Sunday as a roast and pick up day. C4 learnt well by observing the antics of his older three siblings and knows a cheeky smile will get him most things. His dad waking up realizing tomorrow there will be no music assaulting his ears as it is this morning, emerges from the shower red eyed. Its a bitter-sweet ride, so proud of their successes and doing exactly what they should be doing if we have done our jobs as parents well, and sadness as another chapter ends and excitement for them and for us as new unexplored doors open. Its one reason for my efforts of a blog, a record of the family as the ripples expand outwards, a hub if you will, a clan history. One day I hope my grand children may read this record, of the triumphs of the struggles, the laughter and the tears that is the make up of all that we are, we are family.

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