Dyslexic with a pick axe

This story is all about when the children were growing up and the youngest C5 was about seven  C4 was eleven, C3 fourteen, his older brother C2 was seventeen and his older sister C1 was twenty. Now one sunny afternoon we were all working hard in the garden, we were digging up an old fence line which included a foundation of cement. C3 at this time in particular was just going through a youthful growing spurt and was taking every opportunity to show off his maturing muscles, he had been curling his biceps and flexing his six pack, well he also seized the opportunity to deter from  his support role of digging earth and grass with a spade and grabbed the pick axe up his older brother had just put down as he went down the garden to pour himself a drink. C2 was still sporting the hard hat. We shouted over to C3  not to do anything just as he raised and felled the pick axe which rebounded off of a concrete ridge under the earth and planted itself in the top of C3 ‘s head. We ran towards him and led him through the doorway to get in the car to drive the short distance to our A and E department which we deemed would be quicker than waiting for an ambulance. C3 is still concious at this time and weaving drunkenly on wobbly legs, laughing as he wants to know why are there two of everything. We get seen straight away at A and E and the doctor is shining a light in C3’s eyes and asking him which day of the week is it, when is his birthday, tell him the months of the year. Now I tell the doctor that C3 has severe dyslexia and even on a good day he would not be able to answer the questions correctly. The doctor doesn’t seemed convinced of this and C3 is put straight in a wheel chair and wheeled off down to X-ray pronto.There was some scary moments too being serious for a moment when C3 said everything was black and it stayed black for a while and we were so scared he had damaged something optical. Fortunately C3 had done no lasting damage, was duly super glued and eventually after some observation we were allowed to take him home. Such were the adventures of C3.

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