Menopause a time of change and power

As I moved through my forties I began to witness more and more women in the family and friends around me go through their menopause. I am a great believer in natural living and nothing that I was witnessing seemed to be right. Nothing resonated with me, I  heard only negatives about what would soon be something inevitable that I would encounter one way or an other, and I definitely wanted it to  be the other. Fortunately for me I came upon a book by Susan Weed called the New Menopausal Years. Reading this book opened my eyes to a whole other world. Menopause was not to be dreaded, but to be welcomed as the beginning of transition. Hot flashes were not a curse, but a fire of renewal and growth. Menopause far from marking a female redundant was instead a blessed sign of moving into wisdom, crone time, a key point, a time for  a woman to reflect on her journey, to explore the deeper workings of herself with compassion, a time of emergence. Through Susan’s book I moved from feeling alone trying to work my way through some kind of maze, to feeling  mentored and I felt in the company of female sisters. No longer was I fearing my menopause, but was actively seeking to participate and celebrate with ceremony my transition time. Another site I found inspiring was ‘moontimes’ and even though I no longer bleed, there are beautiful handmade natural pads and products still of use to me and this is a site that is perfect for young women just entering their moontimes. There is a lovely maiden gift pack I will be gifting to my young granddaughters when their time comes. Many of my generation had parents who could not bring themselves to speak with their daughters about these things, so I am thankful to have found these ladies and for the difference they have made to my life, I will be forever grateful, and for the difference they will make to the daughters we have now and the daughters who will come in our family

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