Natural washing up liquid

Natural washing up liquid

Am trying to move over to living a greener and thrifty life, respecting Gaia and tuning in to the earths vibrations. This move takes time to really research and source natural unadulterated biodegradable products. Am using up all my eco friendly brand name produce, I want to get right back to basics, am well excited to have found this recommendation on my searches. I’ve just ordered some of the ingredients, cant wait to try it out.

1ltr hot water
2 – 3 drops of essential oil i.e. lemon, tea tree, orange
2 heaped teaspoon soap flakes
2 heaped teaspoon soda crystals
1 teaspoon white vinegar

Dissolve soap flakes in hot water and add soda crystals, when cool add essential oils and vinegar.

Have been using my washing up liquid for a few days now. What I have observed is at first I thought it wasn’t working because I hadn’t moved out of my conditioning that bubbles equals clean. Its not bubbly but it works very well. I did add some extra vinegar and lemon oil to begin with, more to give me peace of mind, so I felt more like it had extra power to cutting the grease.It  leaves my plates and glass better than my shop brought purchase. For really heavy pans I squirt some vinegar so it gets a chance to soak a bit while I am getting on with the lighter stuff. Now I am used to the different way it works I would not go back to my old washing up liquid.

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