Over the stairs drying solution

Over the stairs drying solution

Its been raining all day but I’m not worried about getting all the washing dry. I’ve had this clothes airer over my stairs for years now. Rarely do I need to resort to a tumble dry with this in the house. Its been worth its weight in gold financially, it must have paid for itself a hundred times over,  environmentally what can I say its zero energy guzzling, we sourced ours from an eco store so we could be sure the wood was from sustainable stock. Its so simple to install and to use, you can use hangers on it just pop them through the holes at the end or straight over the wood. You can use it for drying herbs, I tie mine in a brown paper bag and suspend upside down in the summer, or hang air freshening herbs straight from your garden like lavender and rosemary, handy to snip a  handful  off to pop in muslin bag to run under your bath water.

works from a pulley system which allows you to lower for loading and hoist for drying

sited over the stair well  to best catch rising warm air  and good ventilation                                

showing the ceiling attachments securing where a ceiling beam runs underneath

 My Molly dog for no other reason than she sits beside me and follows me everywhere and wants to get in on the blog

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