Rubies in the rubble rhubarb and ginger jam

Rubies in the rubble rhubarb and ginger jam

This recipe has been a faithful friend for many years, copied from a magazine years ago, every year it proves itself a joy to make. This morning I was up early to pick the rhubarb stalks and do the preparation so late this afternoon it will be ready to boil. There is no greater reward than at the end of the day to see jars full of produce cooling, as the light of the evening dims, the world slows down and the coolness of the evening affords space to sit out in the garden and listen to the last of the bird song before the stars and the moon shed their beautiful light in which to bath and recharge.

1 KG of rhubarb stalks, topped and tailed and chopped into small bite sized chunks.
1 KG sugar
2 lemons, juiced and zest finely grated
50g fresh root ginger, peeled, chopped and bruised. You can use stem ginger in syrup if not available.
1 small cooking apple peeled and chopped.

1. Put all ingredients into a jam pan, leave for 2 hours till sugar is dissolved.
2. Bring gently to the boil stirring occasionally.
3. Cook swiftly for about 15 minutes and test for a set.
4. Leave to cool slightly and fill warm jars.

Makes 4 x 450g jars

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