Shortcuts, confusion and yoga

So GD isn’t too sure about this whole initial thing going on on the blog, GD says he has enough trouble remembering the kids names, let alone which order they arrived in on this planet. C2 put me on to the idea of initials as shortcuts, he assures me its the way to go and all bloggers do it. To be honest this whole blogging thing is brand new to me and I think its great, I’ve been trying to keep journals since I could write coherently. Usually it ends up I write something I wouldn’t want someone to get hurt over especially if I had died and they were reading my stuff, some journals have ended up being offered to the flames of a fire, especially if I have worked through some issue and have been ready to let go of something that no longer served me. C2 is a qualified pyrotechnic, (paid to play with fire) that’s interesting isn’t it?. Writing things down helps me to work out jumbled up thought and emotion. It also gives time to savour and go over my day with delicious awareness. I notice now I use a lot of food terms to describe things and I guess cooking is one of my greatest joys and escapes, I get so lost and happy in the enjoyment of cooking. Have you ever noticed that baking creates community, wherever there is cooking going on there are people. I’ve been trying to make a recipe journal with footnotes and pictures and little tips for the family for years, I want  to capture and pass on something of our great mealtimes together for the future generations of our family, my eldest grandson is eleven, I’m 55, I may well see a great grandchild in my life time, now that would  be a GGC, that would really blow GD’s mind!. Well that’s why I’m including recipes as I cook them on the blog. I’m not conversant yet how to do lots of stuff like upload pictures and make subcategories, but I am learning every day, so bear with me. Some of my spelling mistakes get picked up by spell checker I’ve seen, but some are so bad they seem to dodge the checker, I’m a bit of a wordsmith and I don’t always follow the rules, some words I think may be completely made up to express the colour of what I’m trying to convey, like humungous, giganticous, splendiferous. None are as bad as GD’s though, the other day I was proof reading changes he had made to my website for my hotstone massage and yoga, it read all the way through that I did genital yoga instead of gentle yoga, I literally fell under the table laughing before I could tell him what was wrong, so glad I spotted it though, can you imagine the phone calls I might have got “yes, I’d like to book in for your ______yoga. If I knew how to post a blushing smiley face here That’s what you would be seeing.

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