Teacher Detective

Grandchild 3 is also a boy he is seven years old. He and his friend were being disturbed in class by another student. GC3 and his comrade hatched a plan to have the erroneous student removed. What did they do? They bit their arms the pair of them and ran to the teacher telling her of the heinous crime done them. Teacher being a bit of a sleuth looked at the accused with his gappy front tooth line and deduced it was not him. Whoever had done the biting was the owner of a full set of chompers and had left straight full tracks. Foiled in their attempts to frame the boy, GC3 and company spent time during ‘ fun activity’ outside the class on their own. Should I as GC3’s nanny be mortified by the villainous undertakings at the local primary, well probably but as the story unfolded, told to me by his dad, there was a dawning awareness that this was going to be another episode to add to the lengthening list of naughties done by GC3 and I could only smile as I knew it was going to be a contribution to the first instalments of my blog and all these fascinating troubles with which GC3 seems to be finding himself wrapped up in of late will be put down and recorded in the clan history for all of time and at some date in the distant future GC3 will probably get his own back on his blogging nanny who may well be toothless by then.


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