The importance of slugs

Eldest grandchild GC1 is a boy child, he is eleven years old. GC1 has a unique take on the workings of life and a unique way with expression. The world sometimes labels this beautiful creativity autism. GC1 is acutely aware of his surroundings, he asks why after creation did mankind trash the planet. We were walking to meet his cousins the other day when suddenly he stopped in his tracks, he had spied a slug drying out in the heat of the day, very carefully he selected a leaf and tenderly moved the slug to the shade of a bush. “Nanny”, he says, “that slugs life is just as important as a peoples lives, it’s alive and so are we”. It felt like being caught in a time bubble, GC1 was so in the moment and connected to the slug, he didn’t care about being late or anything other than the moment he was in. GC1 seems to be developing a Buddhist mind frame, if asked, he would not know what the word Buddhist means, that’s pure.

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