Waffling not a recipe

I was quietly waffling on in my head the other day, while putting the dishes away. GD and youngest C5 were also in the kitchen, which was in hindsight a special occasion as it was mid afternoon and C5 being a teenager rarely graces us with an appearance unless on the hunt for snacks to take back to his den, his room really, but I put in the animal reference to his living quarters, as that what it feels like, (insert David Attenborough music here) ‘he emerges as hunger forces him to venture out off his habitat’, anyways GD has a bad back, he is getting grumpy, GD liked his first few days off work and was expecting to enjoy at least a few days where he actually felt better and could enjoy his sick days before going back to work, but this time the back has said NOoo and GD is now on the emergency list for a physio appointment and off work for the foreseeable future. An emergency appointment could take anything up to six months if they don’t loose you off the list in this area, sorry am a little bit cynical from experience. So GD in the meantime is seeing my lovely physio Mr T on Monday, Mr T is  blind, he lost his sight in the Kenyan uprising in the 1950’s, Mr T is magic and has put me back together now on three occasions. I am really flexible and it has its bonuses, super bendy for retrieving toys from tight spaces, but as the joints age  my knee like to do its own flandango and pops out of alignment which kicks of my back as I adjust my gait, anyways GD was also in the kitchen sitting at the table and I innocently said out loud, my mistake really, that I had never realized quiet how much waffle goes spinning around in my head all the time till I started writing this blog thingy, to which they in perfect unison exclaimed “Really!”. The thing I was mulling over at the time was am I really a grey hair Granny or am I a new age Nanny?. The merits and properties of both titles both describe and sit equally well with me. At the end of the day they are only my outward persona, and not the essence of me, well that’s a whole other blog title. Then there’s always the Grey Green Granny or the Veggie going Vegan struggle Granny or Yoga Teacher Granny or Hotstone Massage Granny, waffle, waffle, waffle….

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