Dirty hands, kneeses and noses

Well if I thought life was going to slow down in anyway as the last of my five offspring began to fly the coop I was very much mistaken, I’v found the opposite! it seems I’ve never been busier. I teach a couple of yoga classes a week and lesson plan for them,  give occasional hot stone therapy treatments, meet a grandchild off the bus each day, begun to complete my theory exam for reflexology and give free sessions so I can put in some extra practice before my practical. I have a floor that needs to be finished sanding and waxed for my new treatment room which is C4’s old bedroom now vacated. A garden that is brimming and abundantly rewarding our self sufficiency drive this year, there are recipes I am buzzing to make. I have a jumper with one sleeve left to knit, some lonely crochet squares waiting for me and my granddaughter to finish. There is our commitment to becoming a zone free home from plastic bags, paper towels and cling film,which we have failed miserably on. We completed one week and it went well then I moved a bag at the bottom of our larder and there gleaming in their shiny shrink wrapped package were six brand new untouched paper towel rolls. This was the weekend all the grandchildren were over, now I’ve not yet whipped the sewing machine out to edge up old wiping up cloths to make reusable floor cloths or made washable napkins out of some wonderful charity shop or market stall  find of sale material, neither have I increased my flannel numbers to cater for ten dirty hands, kneeses and noses, and that’s not including the adults of which there are often ten around our table. SOoooo when the lemonade went over, and the lemonade went over again, and low and behold when the lemonade went over again, guess what came out ?, when the dog threw up first thing in the morning to greet us?, yes the paper towel came to the rescue, in fact it made me realize just how much my brain was having to work to think of another way to deal with these little crises. When we went shopping and forgot our cloth and string bags and not a cardboard box in sight GD and I were both gleefully thinking oh great these plastic bags will make great  rubbish bags. Oh my we are still so hot wired, we have containers to collect all our waste from eggshells for the garden, to tea leaves for the worms, anything totally unusable goes directly to the outside black bin. But we are a work towards free zone and we have used a tenth of what we would have normally used  and we are so much more aware of our consumption, Its hard no kidding but its worth it. My experiments in using totally natural products for my toiletries and cleaning along with essential oils and herbs and flowers I am loving. I did a herbalism course  that I’ve never really used, but now am getting excited by all the plants, their characters and uses. Oh I nearly forgot to add this week we are also going cold turkey on the t.v. were not saying never again, but we want to spend time doing stuff we keep only talking about. I think it might prove a bit harder than we would like to admit but we are going to support each other if we get a bit crazy trying to adjust.

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