Hare Krishna grounds

Hare Krishna grounds


Lake side lunch
Temple behind us and Harvey a  friendly duck

Yesterday we went to the Hare Krishna Temple, we like it there, it is so peaceful and as I read the words on the walks and in the gardens from the Bhagavad Gita, they penetrate my anxiousness and are like waters refreshing my brain and renewing my body, they fill up empty reservoirs till I feel like there is an ocean once more in my belly. We even got the infamous C5  Matthew, my youngest of five to come out with us. C3 and DI2 came too with me and hub to our retreat lunch.
It has been a stress full week as are most weeks for most people, it seems it is how the world turns for many these days. We deal better with stress these days but major situations affecting our grown up children and job changes for us can still creep up and throw us out of balance. So we packed up some cheeses and fruits, some fresh breads and juices and went to the beautiful temple up the road from us. We are lucky to have this and I thank the universe we know this place and are welcomed by the Hare Krishna residents there. They are so loving and welcoming, a rare commodity these days. This was our hour or two at the temple.

After a lovely lunch we went to the education Garden. Listened to the running water, read the scripture and info plaques and felt tension melting away as we watched the golden fish swimming under the beautiful lilies in the pond.

In the education garden


The magnificent Oxen

Then off to see the cows. Only the oxen were in today. They are all magnificently huge, all of their pictures and names and brief history are on the walls so you can pick them out and say hello to each one. On another wall are some looking for sponsors and you can read a little about their individual characters and  funny things they do. The oxen are well loved here and it shows. Below all the oxen come over taking turns to enjoy a nice head rub.

A nice head scratch

In the healing Garden you can sit in shaded areas or set back alcoves and enjoy the lovely aromas of lavender, mint and many other plants, and feast your eyes on all the vibrant colours of the healing herbs grown there

healing garden


The fountain in the healing garden
Wild life is very tame at the temple and abundant, its great

We brought GD’s (hub’s) GD stands for Grand dad, cow dung soap from the shop there which is all GD uses to get a really good shave with instead of foam and his skin is marvellously soft. It is all he uses as GD has many allergies and it works a treat and he smells good!. He likes the basil one or the orange one best.

little platforms around the lake to just sit, reflect, read or chant

Walking round the lake are little plaque stations you can stop at to reflect and meditate on verses from the Bhagavad Gita. Sometimes you can hear people chanting from the seating areas around the lake or even the worship room at the top of the hill.


There is always something to catch your interest and make you smile like this little deer and his friends along the pathway. Or this gorgeous little family of ducks who will come and mingle right in around you if you sit still enough and just let them be.


mama duck and chicks


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