Linden Picnic

Linden Flowers

Last Thursday a lovely lady I know who is a herbalist witch, put me onto the fact that the Linden blossoms were ripe for harvest on the common nearby to where we were attending a yoga class. GD works on a Sunday morning but on his arrival home today, we gathered up some fresh made hummus, some gluten free crisp breads, salad leaves from the garden and filled a flask of comfrey tea for me and one of coffee for GD. We had a picnic on the common with Molly dog relaxing out on the grass in the sunshine.Then we went to ask the beautiful lady if she could spare us some of her blossoms.We gathered just a little to dry and make some tea, the smell was divine and apparently the tea tastes of vanilla and is deeply satisfying according to Alys Fowler author of ‘the Thrifty Forager’ a great book, as is her ‘Edible Garden.’ we have not tried this one before, but are excited to have found this local source, adding it to our repertoire, as the tea is traditionally used to help treat flu or cough symptoms as well as relieving nervous tension and digestive problems.

Hummus and salad leaves

view across the common

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