Making Chamomile Tea

Making Chamomile Tea
my bargain buys Lavandula Aungustifolia & Chamaemelum nobile

I like to grow my own own Chamomile  for making tea. I have a beautiful plant that just gives an abundance of flower heads seemingly all year round almost. I’m not sure it should but it does. This year though even though still giving flowers she has has become very woody. I collected her seeds last year and planted them hoping to get some daughters, but alas this time nothing grew. so me and hub went on a hunt at the garden centre. I couldn’t believe when amongst all the sale tables we spied not only a  Chamaemelum nobile sitting all alone for 50p but also a lone Lavandula Aungustifolia for a bargain £1.  I use loads of Lavender and we were well chuffed at our finds. Plus the centre had a great deal on clearance pots, providing perfect homes for my new lovelies. This is a great time of year to find real treasures amongst the clearance tables. 
I had to don some gloves today to handle the earth as I have a cut on my thumb and need to keep it covered, there is nothing like plunging hands into fresh soil  to feel its nourishment, energy and character.

My old plant just behind my flowerpot man
my poorly thumb
Molly dog enjoying the morning sunlight

To make the tea simply collect the flower heads in the morning by slipping the index and middle finger under the flower, if it yields to you it is ready to harvest. Lay out for a few minutes to give any insects time to move on. Place in a brown bag in a warm place, like an airing cupboard and let dry out.When ready place in a kilner or airtight jar.Use 1 teaspoon to 1 cup. Place chamomile and just off of boil, hot water, into a pre warmed tea pot, let infuse for 5 minutes then strain into cup and its ready. Chamomile has many uses it can be made into tea, good for calming the nerves and treating stomach problems, used in bath and shampoo preparations and used topically to treat skin conditions

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