Mum nil Haribo one

my war on plastic and winning!

yyeaaaahhhh my exam is finished!. Its sod’s law, isn’t it? I ran out of ink to print it off for sending, but the ink should be here soon and then it is in the post and it is done. I’ve been doing this course for two years now and as I typed the last dot….there is that exaggerated high lifting of the hand and the pointy finger targets in on the key pad and booom the final dot is printed, well it is another finishing. But finishings are just the mark of something else that is just being born, a new movement is always sparked from an ending of something. I’ve finished my exam, hopefully I will pass, then I will begin my practicals before a final exam, so that in itself is a beginning of something else. My good friend and neighbour is moving after 17 years, how I will miss her cheery face, our chats and hugs, and being right on my doorstep, I’m always surprised how for granted I take things.We move so fast we loose living with the gratitude that if we were slowed down a bit we might be awake enough to feel it in the depths of our souls, slowed enough to see the world as children so often do so fresh and alive. Last night I had an invite to a Glastonbury weekend  retreat, it clashes with a workshop I said would attend, oh decisions, decision making is not my finest forte. On a high note, see my bin, usually its brimming, after two weeks between the collections, but here it is with mostly my teenage son’s (C5)’s soft drinks cans in it, no jumping on the top of all the plastic this week for us, trying to squidge it all down to get the lid to shut flat so the dustbin men will deem to take it. C5 was at the hospital this week to get  blood results, he has Gilbert’s syndrome which accounts for his weak tummy and fatigue. As he came in the hall with his dad from the car I explained again how he had to eat better not so many fizzy drinks and sweets “yes” he said as he backed up the stairs, as he turned and disappeared up the stairwell I spied a can in his hand and a packet of haribo bulging over his pocket. Argghhh teenagers. Changing our way of living to not using cling film, black bags, disposable plastics and kitchen towel has been to start with exciting, then a bit of a struggle, but now we are starting to come out the other side, I can honestly say it is improving our quality of life. Its lovely to eat out of glass wood or ceramic rather than throw away containers or shrink or foil wrapped. It seems getting rid of the fast efficient solutions to food preparation and storage has slowed how we choose our foods, what we are consuming and how we eat it. I even got the floor cleaning down now to using a mop and floor cloths, not a paper towel or spray bottle in sight, and it feels good.

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