My Compassion letter writing Day

My Compassion letter writing Day
getting ready to write 

It’s Compassion day today, today is the first Friday of the month.Whenever possible this is the day I set aside each month to write to my compassion daughters. There is a second Friday of the month group with compassion on pin interest which has some great ideas and support, but for actual writing the first of the month is better timing for me. I’v been a sponsor now for over six years and seen my little girls grow from smiley awkward toddlers to budding young beauties. Recently one of the girls wrote thanking me for a small birthday gift I’d sent to her, with it she said she had brought a goat and a serving dish. Last year I sent one of the girls a birthday gift but for some reason it didn’t connect so when I found out I sent her gift again with the once a year family gift I send on my birthday, providence was truly in action here as it happened at that time her father became very sick and the money combined was used to pay for her fathers hospital care.
One year sweet potatoes were the purchase and a small plot of land to plant them on, sometimes its a chicken or a thermos flask, occasionally I will get a smiley picture with one of them in a new dress holding a packet of sweets, invariably they have shoes three sizes too big on their feet. I love my compassion daughters, they write me that they and their families pray for my family and our health and happiness. One wants to be a doctor, she has never wavered in her ambition, the other is a whiz at mathematics and is a leader in a choir. They inspire me so much and I am grateful to be allowed to be apart of their lives.

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