Our trip to the agricultural show

Beautiful girls
The heavy horses
The lovely Morris dancing
Recycling material

Today GD and I went to the agricultural show near Colchester. We first went to agriculture shows years ago when GD was milking cows, back then there would be hundreds of cows in long lines in massive barns all being pampered in readiness for their showing, Some would be getting washed, some milked, you could walk up and down between the rows and you had to be careful to stand well clear of their hind legs in case they pooped or weed.. Heavy horses could be watched in the workshops getting new shoes from the blacksmiths and for the carnivorous minded there were Aberdeen Angus steaks to be had, for veggies there were treats of fresh veg smoothies and squeezed fruit juice, goats milk to try, breads  cheeses and more. Today was a nice day for families as such, and on the kids side they did have a school display tent and a great bit out the back with animal skulls and a guy that could show you bat vomit and snake skins which was cool, there was a fire pit and some carving going on. There was archery to try and morris men to watch. and there was the compulsory helium balloons and face painting going on as well. I did find a neat way to recycle strips of material into a matt, a new project for the longer winter nights perhaps?. There was a lot of noise today, which had nothing to do with the animals, competing with each other were the huge inflatable slide pump, disco music, laser game shots and the generators for all the fast food vans. There was lots on recycling, lots on NHS healthcare, and the local hospital giving health checks, but no chicken runs, very few agriculture or small holding suppliers. GD and I just couldn’t gel with it all but then that’s just us, and we are changing. I found no joy in seeing all the little animals like rats and rabbits in cage after cage, away from their natural environment, on display for the benefit of the public, but that s just how I feel and that is not a judgement on the people who obviously love their animals. We had a good day but do not wish to return, maybe for us watching the seals off the Norfolk coast or the the wild horses on the moors would be a better day spent. At the end of the day we ended up down on the coast just letting the wind blow over us and listening to the raucous seagulls and watching their amorous antics.

End of the day

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