Our vist to the Allergy and Free from show

looking down from the balcony
My Find of the day

GD and I got brave and decided to visit the Allergy and Free from show at Olympia London. We drove to Cockfosters underground, parked the car and jumped on a Piccadilly line train to Earls Court, then we should have got on the District to Olympia but ended up on a Wimbledon bound train instead, thankfully having done a Buddhist meditation course I now don’t panic and get heart palpitations when life doesn’t do what I expect it to, so we found our way back and caught the right train for our destination. Having arrived we were a little overwhelmed at the huge size of the show. We were expecting a smallish show considering the tickets were free We arrived at eleven a.m. and had to leave by three p.m. to meet with friends at five for an evening meal at their house. We could easily have spent another couple of hours there. There was no need to buy any food or drink because all the stall holders were so eager for you to try their products, we were treated to asparagus tips in soya bases garlic cream, miso soup,every type of gluten free crisp bread  and crisp on the market including my favourite kale, juiced greens, and goji berries and berries I’ve never heard of that tasted like nectar, wonderful coconut milk yoghurt so good for treating infection from the inside out. Raw chocolate and qinoa and mixed seeds mix, gosh, it was heaven!. Wrong day to be going to dinner later though, we could have feasted there no mistake. But we were relatively good and saved some room for later. Ray had a massage by some  gorgeous hunk who looked like he had stepped out of an Australian beach soap. He put little electrodes on hubby’s shoulders which according to how high you set it made your muscles twitch well GD has skin like a rhinoceros so we played at increasing the strength putting it higher and higher. GD loved it all and sat there his shoulders jumping for all the world like he was having a shrugging marathon. We still were amazed though by how much everything was packaged and even our naughty purchase of quinoa crisps we brought to entice our son off of the usual offerings of shop crisps was heavily packaged. I read recently about a boy of eight on ‘our year without groceries’ web page, challenging his family not to shop at a supermarket for a year. Oh I am so following their progress. I am trying to cycle as often as I can for my groceries so we have already stopped the weekly bulk product buy to an extent but we can do so much more. At the show for £5 I found a kilo of soap nuts with 2 little calico wash bags you put the nuts into which came with a free ecozone 2000 flush toilet block and an in depth explanation of the science and demonstration of how ecozone products work and why its so preferable to regular products.I currently use the soap nut balls and just use white distilled vinegar and lemon essential oil  for the rinse and they do a great job. It is better for the environment, our health and cheaper too.

My Faithful Bike and the lovely Molly dog

I am still often doing three loads a day so I speak from experience. I want to loose the plastic casing from the balls so this was a super find. Half way through the show we found an exit up to the huge balcony that runs around the top of the hall and took a moment to cool down and just sit for a while. At three o’clock tired and a bit weary we made our way back to dine with good friends. We have been friends now for over thirty six years. To have friends is a great blessing. I mention C and D here with greatest gratitude.

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