School run madness

Its been a funny old week logistically, eldest daughter C1 moved from down the road to St Albans a few months back but GC1 and GC2 still had a couple of months to go before the schools broke up. Next school term GC1 is moving to Secondary school near to home, but for the moment is still in his school down the road and gets the bus to me, for his mum to pick up later, after she has retrieved GC2, who got a place already in a new school nearer to her new house. Meanwhile GC5 their little sister, my youngest granddaughter, attends a nursery in between the two towns where I Iive and where C1 lives. So the usual run is C1 picks up GC2 and comes here to pick up GC1 then high tails it to nursery to pick up GC5 and gets home in time to get dinner ready for SI and all the family. However on Tuesday C5 had to get to Watford hospital and GD couldn’t do the run as planned as GD has only just gone back to works after weeks off with a bad back. So it was arranged GD would pick up GC5 instead of C1 after work, whilst C1 picked up GD1 straight from school instead of coming here, would swing by to pick up C5, motor down the A1, M25 and A414 to pick up GD2 and all off to Watford hospital to rendezvous

It’s been a busy day

us with GD and GD5 at the nursery location afterwards, at which time there would be a body swapping and each would go home with respective children in tow. However best laid plans and all that, C1’s car broke down on the morning school run homeward bound. So just in case C1 couldn’t get the car fixed in time there was a plan hatched with GD which began with GD bombing home during the lunch hour to pick up C5 and depositing him  in the vicinity of the hospital, then get back to work before anyone noticed he’d been out a bit longer than the allocated hour. After GD was to pick up GC5 come back, take on board GC1 deposit to mum, then over to Watford to pick up C5. Any one who knows the A1, M25 and A414 knows this is crazy ambitious, as nothing moves over 25 miles an hour at this time of day on the motorways. It was a mad day, but at the end of the day everyone got to where they were meant to be and all got to sleep in our own beds the night. Today was along those lines too as GC1 was originally coming to us and we were taking him home and then babysitting for GC5 while GC2 was with C1 and SI at GC2’s school play, however it changed because of transfer day and C1 went to spend the day at his new school, meaning we didn’t  have him after school as usual. So after yoga lesson late morning, GD and I popped to the shops for a few bits, had a nice lunch and afterwards we filled in a long form that needed doing and sending on-line, then I gave GD a hair cut and then GD went for a nice long soak in the bath. I had just swept up when C1 rang “Mum” I’ve just put the spuds in the oven what time are you over?” “um okaaayyy” I reply, “but I have’t got GD1″ No he’s at the new school, anyways GD2’s play at six, so can you be here for a quarter to 6?”, Oh yep, we will leave now” says I calmly, and I put the phone down. “GD we have to leave Now!“, “What’s that honey what are we doing?” calls down GD a bit dreamily, “We are babysitting tonight!” shouts I up the stairs  “Oh my Lord” says GD and leaps out the bath muttering under his breath while searching for the car keys” we forgot completely all about it”. So GD still a bit damp from a super quick towel dry and I jump in the car, zoom down the A1 for all of three minutes before we are bumper to bumper going no where, we limp off down a country road at the first opportunity, only to get completely lost, so I put on the sat nav, but neither of us can remember our daughters new address, we are getting a little bit more than hot now and slightly worried that we both have developed senility over night as we have never forgotten we were babysitting any of our grandchildren, although we did leave one of our children in the pushchair one time and went off pushing the trolley but that’s another story. We got to the house eventually and both remembered the name of the road just before we actually turned onto it, but isn’t it always the way when you are panicked its hard to even remember your own name. C1 didn’t appear to realise we had slipped into our dotage when we arrived, there was no accusing you’d forgotten hadn’t you? aimed at us . We had a lovely evening with our grandchildren, although GC1 despaired of my attempts to race him on his ‘need for speed’ game and asked me tactfully if I’d like to do some dancing on the wi instead.  I hope C1 forgives her parents for not keeping up with the latest arrangements and that SI will forgive his mum and dad in-law in due course, what’s the saying ‘you’ can’t choose blood’. Hope they are both talking to us after they have read this! We promise we are going to get the biggest print calender we can purchase. P.S. I forgot to mention we had to take the dog to the vets in the middle of all this. A slight hiccup I ‘d say in our attempt to slow down life a tad  :).

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