Soul Food

Soul Food
lettuce,spring onion (scallion), celery tops
The wonderful hot mustard lettuce

I’v been feeling a little low on energy for a few days so when I got back from a lovely yoga class last night GD had been busy in the garden picking mustard lettuce and tooth edged lettuce, rocket, celery top leaves and spring onion and baby carrots, for our dinner, he chopped it all up and added it to the cucumber and vine ripe tomatoes, (which we had to buy in as ours are not big enough to pick yet), and topped with our first nasturtium petals.  This morning with my customary nettle tea I had, natural bio yoghurt sprinkled with ground hemp seed, pumpkin seed, a few dried papaya and pineapple chunks and just a dash of spirulina. This little breakfast is packed full of protein, minerals, vitamins and anti oxidants and tastes great. You can make it with manuka honey, walnuts, blue berries all super healthful foods. We often get stuck in routinely having our ‘usual’ for breakfast and sleepily munching through something just to sustain ourselves, but breakfast can be an engaged time to think about what we are are putting in our bodies, an old adage is ‘we are what we eat’ so I sometimes take a step back when I am thinking about buying, eating, or preparing food and really question is this what I want my skin,  my eyes, my face to be made of, will this food or drink nourish my body and my spirit, is there a  harmony that resonates within me. We can be thrifty with our choices and simple meals are generally better than elaborate or foods sourced from far flung places. A baked potato with organic butter, courgette (zuchini) with olive oil and garlic, home made whole wheat pizza base, spread with mozzarella, basil and tomato, these are food we love to eat.

energy boosting seed topped yoghurt

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