Sports Day

GC3’s bat and ball race

On Friday it was GC3’s sports day, all the children and their families met on the school field for a picnic lunch before the afternoons event, it was a great atmosphere, the field was packed with brightly coloured assorted picnic blankets, extended members of families, nannies and granddads, aunts and uncles, baby brothers and sisters gathered, then the children were let out onto the field all ready in their P.E kits and team coloured tabards, to find their respective guardians. GC3’s dad had managed to get time off work to be there, GC3’s mum and other Nanny were there too, GC3’s best friend and mum were also with us.The weather could not have been better, a bright sunny day with a gentle breeze. After lunch the children began to warm up for their races and GC’3 dad started to exhibit some very competitive nuances, it was eye opening to say the least. It was also a bit shocking to see so much of  individually wrapped food and drink items even down to one stick of cucumber and one stick of carrot in one place, in every direction were blankets full of cellophane, I saw only one woman with salad and fruit and even that was ready made and ready diced from M and S. Soon it was time to get lined up for the races. There was the customary teacher telling the prarents off in a very official voice, telling all the parents to get back over the line and the usual parents saying but I just need to get a photo and breaking the rules as soon as the teachers back was turned. Excited children chanting house group names, crying children who it was all a bit much for and didn’t want to be parted from mum and dad, much less balance an egg on a spoon or jump up the field in a potato sack. There were the winners and the cheaters, the determined and the swift. Everyone got a sticker which was great. GD came forth in his first race, ‘the bat and ball’ I thought, but he says he came third and they ran out of third stickers. His dad seemed a bit muted on that one. On GC’s running race he came second, GC3 can run like the wind, he is built for running, but so unfortunately was the winner of the race who was much bigger than GC3. If GC had raced in any other group he would have flown past the tape and got his longed for first. They don’t do heats and finals these days, its all for ‘ fun’, but in one way it also takes the fairness out of it for the interested children, I don’t believe in competition to prove yourself  better than anyone else, but if you are gifted say to run or jump then I think those children should be encouraged to healthily achieve in their gift. After it was finished and the sky began to cloud over, it was a packing up and an ending of a delightful afternoon, time spent with family and friends, a sharing and catching up time, time that will become a treasured memory.

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