Summer’s bounty

Summer’s bounty
fresh picked

Today’s dinner laid out using mum’s very old and large chopping board, they just do not make them like this any more. It would have been mum’s birthday today so it is fitting to be using her board. We have picked cucumber, carrots, tender young kale, peppery lettuce, nasturtiums, green pepper

ready to eat

and are dressing it with black olive and virgin oil, some sunflower seeds and some pine nuts. And it did taste goood!.
Out in the garden everything is just ablaze with vitality, GD is doing a wonderful job with the watering, keeping on top of this unusually hot weather, 86 F today. Courgettes of course are rampant. We had a lovely dinner last night of hash browns browned in olive oil, made from spring onion thinnings mixed into left over steamed spud and courgette from Wednesday night’s dinner, which was gorgeous, just steamed spuds and courgettes with a big dab of melted butter, from earth to tummy less than 20 minutes

spring onion thinnings


climbing bean
dwarf bean
outdoor cucumber


greenhouse cucumber


Our first spuds this year


first successful peas

I thought it might be nice to do an update on the garden.The beans are so fine and tender both types are doing well.
Cucumbers too indoor and out. Last year we did not do so well in the green house, but this year toms, cue and peppers all doing great.
Again a successful pea crop, am pleased as punch, I love my peas, rest of family just not pea people. Last year we grew spuds in bags and we did well but I like abundance and there is only so many spuds will grow in a bag and there is nothing like forking up out of the rich dark soil those creamy fleshed spuds. Sunflowers are taller this year growing like sentinels watching over the rest of the garden. Sunflowers have such a feel good factor about them, as well as being great for insects and birds, they look beautiful, taste great.

sunflowers doted around the garden
Only two figs this year

Our little fig tree every year provides just two full grown figs we just have’t got it right for her yet, but we will keep working at it. And lastly my little angelica. I have always wanted to grow an angelica but have never found a healthy specimen if I could find one at all. Then when I was not even looking for her there she was, one itsy bitsy plant, dwarfed by bigger pots of herbs all around and whereas the other plants looked a bit wilted and weak, she was sitting up proud. We brought her home and she was away, every time I look at her she has grown again!. I do not know yet how to use angelica properly, but this is a work in progress and as always I will blog back when I have found out. If anyone has a good link please do post it at the end.

success with peppers this year


our little angelica

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