triumphant without stabilizers.

triumphant without stabilizers.
safety helmet on
A few wobbly starts

I was with GD and C5, we were at my son and daughter in laws house having a birthday meal for  DI1, after a lovely dinner mostly cooked on my son’s new Foreman grill which C2 having lost a stone and a half by changing how they eat and cook is passionate about, we all went outside to the street which ends in a no through road and is relatively quiet and safe to have a bike fest. GC3 grandchild 3, went zooming off on his bike while GC4 had his stabilizers ceremoniously removed. After a few wobbly false starts GC4 finally mastered it and then there was no stopping him, up and down he rode proud as punch, almost as proud as his parents were. I wish I could have captured the look of joy on their faces as GC4 mastered this new skill. GC4 got off his now two wheeled bike, picked up his stabilizers, carried them over to the bin and dumped them in, “don’t need them no more” he said, as he casually walked past me, back to his bike. Over the top of his head C1 was madly gesticulating and mouthing silently “get them back out I want to keep those”. Of course then we were all playing about on all of the bikes, cleaning them up, oiling the gears, pumping up tyres even C5 joined in, C5 who is rarely seen outside in the fresh air away from his computer, sometimes I have look closely to make sure he is not shimmering like Edward out of the Twilight series, he comes out so rarely. C5  then decided it would be fun to squeeze into the double trailer the boys used to go in when they were smaller, to get to school, which attaches to the back of C2’s bike, C5  is so long and lanky it was like some sort of  spider like creature retracting limbs  into a hidey hole.

realizing dad has let go
doing it by himself

It was such a nice day staying around the home and just playing and goofing around, and I was just so pleased to have captured GC4’s triumphant first ride without stabilizers.

stabilizers heading for the bin
How they used to get travel to school

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