A Walk in the Garden

A Walk in the Garden

I walk in the garden
I am absorbed by Gaia

(painting by Melissa Harris)

and I hear her voice in the forms of the plants.
I see like in slow motion dew drops on the leaves and upon the spiders web
and in their reflection
I see star dust in all of life,
Surrounding me, within me, essence merging.
I soar with the eagle my wings outstretched,
Swim in the ocean among vibrant coral reef,
I am the heart of the dolphin
The tail of the beaver
The strength of the bear
with feet in the cool river and the sun on my back in the high forest air.
Again in the garden
I am the earth beneath my feet,
I hear the drums of the ancestors and the call of the stars.
I am infinite in time, infinite in space.
I am a dreamer waking to my own song.
I am shedding coverings of colourless conditioning
Like a butterfly with new wings unfurling
Catches for the first time the winds and lifts upon the current
Now sees its chrysalis fall empty cast upon the path below
discerns no more an attachment to the form
but stretches like a child to play anew this story we call life.

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