Chevrolet and all new things

Chevrolet and all new things
the Chevrolet

So I was getting ready to blog my super oatcake recipe but I just kept thinking about all of the great stuff that’s been happening this month and this month is almost over and I didn’t get any of it recorded yet so oatcake will have to wait while I get this down. To begin with C2 got a brand new second hand car, I like synchronicity and first the lady renting their drive did not need it anymore, then DI 1 got an unexpected promotion at the nursery where she works, well done Ashley :), third C2 has been getting lots of extra event work and working very hard, so when a Chevrolet came along that was very sought after and C2 just managed to pip all the other interested parties at the post, it seemed it was meant to be and now C2’s  family has got a car and it means C2 and DI 1 and the boys can join GD and me down in Cornwall next month when we go visit C3 and DI 2 who both got jobs down there recently, great going you two. C3 and DI 2 got a lovely place to stay for the first six month too, C3 went for an interview for one job and they offered him a higher job and now he is doing what he is very best at which is helping challenged kids to access mainstream school, and DI 2 landed a term time full time job at a children’s centre. I believe jobs are hard to come by in Cornwall but those two set out on their dream not knowing if they would get work or not or where they would end up living to begin with, but they had such energy about it all and here they are a couple of months later and doing so well, They set their intention and they have achieved it brilliantly. GC1 was disappointed when he did not get his place at his chosen secondary school but just two weeks after term began said school found a place for him and now he is settling in well and where he should be too, which is obvious because is so happy there. GD put in for a reduced working week a little while ago as we now have family in Cornwall and C5 at uni in Kent, C5 experienced dreadful exam nerves and thought he would not get enough marks to get his chosen Uni but he did and we are so proud and so pleased for him to now be living his dream and we miss him so very much, but he will be back for Christmas and so will C3 and DI 2 for a big family reunion which GD and I are immensely looking forward to. Well GD is still waiting approval but three meetings down and it is so far looking like he will get his shorter hours allowing us go visit the families and grow our own food and slow down enough to be present in the moment we are in now and to just be with our souls and to just love on everyone.

Matt setting off for Uni
Leon in his new school uniform

    I managed to pass my reflexology  theory exam with high merit looking forward to the practical down in Devon next February and just started my aromatherapy and Indian head massage course really enjoying both. GD is busy today doing up the chicken run so we can restock, can not wait. So I’m sure I have missed out loads but at least some down on record . I love re- reading the blog and remembering ‘oh yeh we did this and we did that, it is so easy to forget the wonderfulness we have in our lives. Like GC 5 starting full time nursery GC4 starting in reception class full time school, GC 3 had his 8th birthday and moved up to Cub’s from Beavers or us going to mind GC 5 and GC 1 while GC 2 goes with mum and dad to look at a new school for next year or C4 settling in to his new flat  and really doing well at work, taking on so much more responsibility to ease the pressure on his boss.  What a month we have had!.                                                                                  

Jessica’s first day

C3 moving up to cubs

the massage room
preping for C3+DI 2’s leaving party

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