Family Circle

Family Circle
First single,
Then, a smile, a glance, becoming a couple.
First home, connecting, planting, rooting, blossoming.
Children joining, one, two, three, four, five!.
Adventures, trials, joy and communion, caring, loving, tending, growing and learning.
Family, table gatherings, assorted chairs, banter, teasing, exchangings, dialogue, debatings, tastings, experimenting.
First exams, first jobs, first loves, fledgling wings…. extra chairs around the table, new daughters, new son. Music, stories, grandchildren one, two, three, four, five!. All close.
A new season, the fire of summer abating, flying further, the rippling circles spreading outwards, hair is greying as the last ones leave.
The hearth looks out and listens.
Different sounds and colours now surround the bricks that fist welcomed the little family, just the two back then with two small children, then a cat and a rabbit and some fish, more babies, then more babies and some chickens, then other peoples babies and a dog and an elderly grandparent, and friends and neighbours and the odd lost soul in search of sanctuary or refuge.
So many stories and songs were told and sung around the hearth, peels of laughter and silent falls of tears.
Now its just the two remain and a dog grown old,
Now there are new chants and readings shared.
The candles flicker their warming flame as foods are blessed and prepared, pretty colours and flags of bunting are strung as the house is decorated for festivals and occasions and so many festivals and celebrations, so many visitors and sharing of meals.
And so the wheel spins onward, not closing but opening, a new spectrum birthed from an ending, a rainbow of colour emerging until one day all the colour will merge in to a brilliance of light.


And there will be a new dawn, a new day and a babies cry will be heard around the hearth and somewhere in the hearts gathered there,
will come a stirring,
a faint remembrance,
Of pasts, of futures,  as all dissolves,
Wrapped and lost in the moment of the cry.

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