Jenny’s Pickled Green Beans

Jenny’s Pickled Green Beans

This way of preserving  beans is a favourite, they are so colourful with added peppers and really brighten up a meal, good to get some green and colour on the plate next to a nice slice of cheese flan or pasty. For meat eaters would make a lovely side dish for accompaniment to cold meats. Served mine with humus and cous cous, lovely.


2 lbs green beans
3/4 litre of malt vinegar
3/4 litre of water
3 garlic bulbs (12 cloves)
sea salt
olive oil, something light like olivio
Red pepper (or to choice)


Wash, top and tail beans, cut into lengths approx 2″ and put into a bowl.
Pour 3/4 litre of malt vinegar into a large sauce pan with equal amounts of water and bring to a boil. Pop the beans into the pan and bring back to a boil, add enough liquid in equal amounts if necessary to keep beans covered.  boil till the beans have changed shade and are tender. The vinegar mix can be used to process one more batch of beans. Strain off when ready, transfer to a bowl and leave to cool down.

When cooled add 3 bulbs of garlic (approximately 12 single cloves peeled, left whole.)
Add a liberal sprinkling of oregano
Enough olive oil to coat the beans lightly
A sprinkling of sea salt
Add any peppers you are using finely sliced I think red works really well. 

Pack into jars, pressing down with a fork as you put in the layers, space the garlic cloves and sliced peppers evenly, fill up to the top leaving a small gap between the top of the beans and the lid. Slowly fill the packed jar with olive oil to cover the beans and then cap.
Will keep one year in a cool dark place.

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