Trip to Cornwall

Trip to Cornwall
The summer house

 After Ray finished work a couple of Sundays ago we hopped in the car and set out to visit Julian and Jazz, our third son and daughter in law, now living at Mount Hawk Cornwall. We left at three in the afternoon and followed the setting sun, chasing the light as dusk became night down to the Cornish coast. We arrived at seven pm. having stopped once for a leg stretch and hot chocolate from Costa coffee, the best. Julian and Jazz stayed in the caravan we had hired at St Ives caravan park on the Saturday and the Sunday night which we arrived on. They made it all pretty putting up bunting and we took fairy lights to put up as well and they had a lovely meal of ricotta cheese and spinach pasta waiting or us, yum yum.  On the Monday we went over to see where they have been staying while they wait for their house purchase to go through, it was delightful, called the ‘summer house’, we had breakfast looking out over their veranda which cut away underneath, revealing a panoramic view of the valley beneath, with alpacas in the field and  ducks that sounded like they were laughing, a friendly pig, a couple of gorgeous goats, lots of chickens and a running stream with tiny waterfall drops, a pond full of large beautiful Koi carp all enclosed by autumn colours from the varied and ample vegetation, the vista was magical, it was lovely to be tucked away in nature, not a bus or traffic noise to be seen or heard. After breakfast we went to see (just from the outside), their lovely little cottage, an 
 old Cornish dwelling 165 years old, walls washed in yellow and in a little village not far from work or beach. We had been promising ourselves a trip to the seal sanctuary since
last year and today we went, we arrived just in time for feeding time and the talks, which were brilliant, they also had penguins and otters too. They do a wonderful job at the sanctuary, the characters of the seals and sea lions kept us mesmerised as we followed the feeding from pool to pool, we had a picnic there and to end a really lovely day we went back to the caravan to meet up with Richard and Ashley our eldest son and daughter in law and their two boys Max and Jacob. They had travelled down after Richard had finished work to stay with us in the caravan, J+J now returning to sleep at their rented flat the ‘summer house’. First though we had a celebratory supper of fish and chips, then tired out we all went to bed. The next day we were up early and down to the camp-site pool for an early dip before meeting up with J+J who took us of to all their favourite places like Godrevy lighthouse and Portreath with its pretty little shops, over the week we visited so many places like Perranporth and scrambled over rocks and tunnels between cliffs and the boys dived into the big rock pools, we watched the surfers on their boards and the 


windsurfers, the kite flyers and so much more. We had steaming hot drinks on a wet and windy day looking out over Senan cove just a mile or two from lands end, we had hot pasties by St Ives bay, we explored Chapelporth and the tin mines and we just stopped and sat and stared at the Atlantic ocean at St Justs. Richard and Ashley cooked some lovely evening meals and J+J out did themselves with their wonderful breakfasts. When we got back we surprised ourselves by just how much we are missing both our J+J and the wild Cornish coast. I have even got myself a wetsuit now so we can extend the season of our kayaking next year and venture further and maybe we will even try out surf boarding next visit. or at least loll about on a body board catching the waves.

Hubby get your wetsuit sorted we need to get ready for next season!.

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