December catchup

December catchup
New Home

December saw our youngest C5  back from University and C 3 and D.I.2 buy their new home in Cornwall and then travel up to spend Christmas with the clans. It has been important for us to make the home a sanctuary, it always has but even more so now, we try to make it so as the hustle and bustle can be left outside for a while. We dressed the hearth in greenery, home made candles and frankincense on the oil burner. We found a lovely blessing to share at the Christmas dinner we had most of the family there, and even though C 2 and D.I 1 were doing dinner for D.I.1’s family they still popped in for a bit on Christmas morning.We are so very very blessed to have most of our family still local, but now with three far away for long stretches of time, to have them all back  makes our hearts full and overflowing with gratitude and love.

Our Hearth
The Blessing we found

 We had  an especially special turkey this year turning up as a big surprise to us on Christmas eve, we had to be up very early on Christmas day to get this bird cooked in time. we were up to see the night give way to day and watch from the darkest part of our garden as the light began to break, the previous night had been a spectacular moon with whole outline of the moon visible, but only a brilliant crescent was shining in the dark night sky, it was an enchanted moment. We had Christmas eve at C 2 and D. I’s house, taking home-made pizzas down to share, which has become a tradition over the last three years, and then G.D. read The Night Before Christmas, a long long held tradition and Max a million mouse, we don’t know where the mouse story fits in with Christmas but it has always been G.D’s rendition after the Night before Christmas, one year even having face paints, a red nose and a peculiar get up of dressing gowns and boots, we always try to get a Skype going for any missing members of the family. Christmas would not be Christmas without it.

 Our Family Christmas dinner
Picking the Brussells

Made a nice nut loaf with mushroom sauce for the vegetarians, and picked a smashing bunch of brussels from the garden. The pudding I blogged came out really nice and we managed to set it alight brilliantly this year by dousing liberally with hot alcohol first.

We all had wonderful presents this year that had been really thought about, I received  a shamanic drum and beater, birthed and blessed by Heron drums and a herb knife that fixes inside my boot. G.D. got a smoker for smoking fish primarily when we are by the coast and a tap kilner jar for his pasteurised apple juice these were among many other beautiful gifts we received, but the best gift of all has been the time to just be with our beautiful family.

 Molly dog has taken this all lying down ha ha! actually we have had some wild and wintry day walks with her as we readied our spirits for the holiday season. We sat one day and watched a crow on a branch above our heads, the back drop was a woodland floor of golden brown, the ambers and golds high lighted against the crisp frost of the morning, the sounds around us were soft and secluded as we drunk in the beauty of the nature surrounding us.

Boxing day we were down to C2’s and D.I.1’s for a brunch, there were sixteen of us which included members of D.I. 1’s clan. we do this  every year as well. We are a great lot for traditions and ceremony and rites of passage.

Not arguing with G.D. new machete in hand
Molly Dog
Brunch time

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