Living from the cupboard

Living from the cupboard

We are not shopping this month, two reasons we have a cupboard and freezer full of food we have preserved and dishes we have made and we are stony broke. But far from being a trial it has set us alight again with ideas and creativity and so much gratitude for the foods and tastes we are putting on the table, in only two weeks we are coming alive again. Here are some extracts from our own personal journal we thought were relevant to the blog
 ‘We had roasted parsnips from the garden today, its like December has really arrived seeing them on the table for dinner. Ray has made some yoghurt this afternoon with over ordered milk from work, and I made cocoa powder chocolate krispies as had run out of chocolate, they were great and will be making them more often these weeks of no shopping as fortunately have lots of cocoa powder, rice krispies and golden syrup in the cupboard. We also had a bottle of Rays pasteurised apple juice at dinner, which I prefer to any shop brought one we have ever purchased, we also made a fresh fruit salad for pudding, this dessert has now become a treat as we are trying to also live seasonally and we have no fresh stored apples of our own. Am really hoping we might get some mandarins or oranges from somewhere though now the last one has been used in the pudding today. Fresh fruits will now be treasures on our Christmas week shop and totally appreciated. I have a couple bags of blackberries and apples from our summer harvest though, which am saving for a treat when the family come over for dinner. 
Here is an excerpt from another day, just trying to share our journey a bit.

 Rays cake made

‘We reorganised a lot of the kitchen and got some of our earthier cooking and craft books down, we found loads of stuff tucked away we had put on a future shopping list, like batteries and dish scourers. When we put up our decorations we walked the space feeling the energy where they should be hung or put, we cooked some good food like roast pumpkin with rosemary from the garden with olive oil and thyme, had some apple pie we made yesterday laced with Christmas spices and dark brown sugar, made from our preserved apples from the freezer, lit a gorgeous candle we have had a few years and said a blessing round it for the coming season. We did not rush through today even though there is such a lot milling about in my brain. Ray has been dreaming about a Christmas cake, we are going to make it and decorate it like his dream, it has three tiers so we are going to use the lovely wicker three tier stand we brought for Jen and Alex’s wedding cake. For the base is a fruit cake decorated with stags, on the second is a Victoria sponge with hares and on the top tier a small traditional type iced cake with trees etc. for decoration, the stand is wrapped in green and red ribbon flowing down the sides. It should look great and can not wait to get started on it.

A different day we wrote 
‘Started recycling in earnest again, we always recycle, but sometimes get lazy and let a few things go because we are living too fast to have time to care, but we do care and are both on the same wave length, just hoping with Ray back to work next week we don’t loose our selves again.
Part of another days entry was 
‘It was nice getting the vegetable seed box out today and begin getting the seeds and planning for the coming year started. We put the black fire grate back on the hearth and filled it with six fat candles to give us more heat, plus it does give a real flame to the hearth. Listening to Loreena McKennitt while writing this. Lyrics ‘as the wheel of days turns into darkness it reveals the light and hope of spring’ fitting as we look at the seeds. We don’t have many xmas decorations but what we do have is earthy and beautiful. We found a blessing we would like to say at Christmas ‘May the spirit of love, joy and renewal be yours. Sue, Ray’s sister and husband John popped in this evening, we were able to share our pineapple and nut topped Christmas cake, (one we made earlier but could not wait to eat), home made cheese, apple juice and damson jam with them which was great for us.
Molly loves laying in front of the candles,you can see our gratitude tree  
Last excerpt reads
‘Finished sorting the seeds out today and added a wheelbarrow and moon planting book to our wish list .We dug up parsnips and beetroot and sowed some windowsill kale and speedy leaf so we might have some salad type green for our meals, trying to be both seasonal and not make purchases. Made very nice pizzas for the evening, ‘mozzarella and basil’  the basil was from our own plants, harvested and frozen earlier. Pizza bases from freezer I had made in a batch using a mix of grains including spelt and wholemeal.

After we started all this I found someone else’s blog about the same sort of thing, about using what we have preserved  and have around us, they had just done a no shop month and  noted how fresh fruit and salad leaves become such treats, which gave us such encouragement to keep going. This our the entry for that day.
‘We came back and had more of the pumpkin soup and ordered our dehydrator after inspiration from ‘my green family blog’ no shopping for a month, but what she had was lots of dehydrated fruits and veg from when she had had lots in the garden, So yes it was a purchase during a ‘no purchase’ period but it will help us to use every thing that comes our way reducing any wastage’. 

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