Back to Uni

Back to Uni

Cooking the bacon 

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Mid January and C5 like thousands of other students is returning to Uni. C5 will be away for the first time on a Birthday. As he leaves just a week before he turns Nineteen we decided on a birthday brunch on the Saturday of his departure, if you have been with the blog from the beginning this is how the blog started with C5’s departure to Uni, the youngest of five it has been the hardest transition for me and GD to make especially as C4 also left a few months before which was in fact our very first post, as did C3 to new jobs and housing as far away as Cornwall. Saturday dawned and GD and I met with C2’s family, as we do most Saturday mornings for swimming at the local pool, we were back before our boys C4 now also being back home for a time and C5 were even concious. It had been snowing big fat snowflakes, the first of the year on the way back, so I jumped on their beds exclaiming “its snowing, its snowing!” they grunted appropriately and promised to get up.  C2, DI 1 and GC3 and GC4 arrived soon to help celebrate, before we were due to head off for Canterbury. We had a lovely clan type, all squeeze in the kitchen meal and sang happy birthday and C5 blew out the candles on a very grown up cake of a caterpillar shape and jelly tots kind, and then we had the sad farewells and brotherly slaps on the back, C4 kept playing ‘all by myself’ driving us all mad as he acted out his broken-heartedness of being without his youngest brother. It was nice on the Friday making up the bunting kit my daughter had given me at Christmas and I was really pleased with it. Was glad for the time spent together chatting in the car on the way back to Uni, after a quick cup of tea we were on our way back home. It was good to be able to drop C5 back and to visit his room and the kitchen, it sounds silly but it makes us feel nearer to C5 having been there on more than just the drop off day at the beginning. Another twelve weeks until the Easter break, we are so glad for Skype which keeps us in touch. In the meantime we will be travelling to Cornwall also to see C3 And DI 2. Love our family to bits, we are so proud of each and every one of them, Children, daughter in laws, son in law, grandchildren.

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