In Respect for marriage

Well hubby left this morning for his trip to Nottingham, every year his work go up to a conference for a week in January, it is true the saying ‘absence make the heart grow fonder’, I found myself missing G D over the weekend before he had even left. Loving someone makes a physical ache in the heart at the thought of not kissing them goodnight, the absence of the the morning snuggle on a cold winters day when its just five more minutes and you can warm your cold feet up by placing your frozen tootsies on hubs chunky warm calf muscles, or knowing that love is truly blind and your other half thinks the wild Amazon haired and bedraggled slumber eyed person he vowed to love for better or worse tripping her way to the bathroom because she does not know where she left her glasses is the most amazing creature in his universe. I love that I know I am loved and after 33 years of married life it only gets better. Like any relationship we have gone through seasons, seasons where we have not even much liked each other, but we are like a couple of old swans and we are life long companions, so even when we have gone head to head in some sort of battle or been distant and solitary in our own stories, we were there for each other, if we did not know it at the time we know it now. I am off to work in a minute but I just wanted to get down this deepening of love I feel, to honour and respect my husband and also with hope it encourages those that might happen upon this page. I am so glad G D and I face our older years of our lives together with the love of deep friendship and with passion, I am so glad we stayed the course and did not take the easy way out when the path has been stormy, what I feel today has been worth all the storms we ever traversed, all my love to you  G D and hurry back soon, my tootsies are freezing without your lovely fat calf muscles, xx

2 thoughts on “In Respect for marriage”

  • I really enjoyed reading this sweet sharing about the love between you and your husband. My favourite line is ” I love that I know I am loved and after 33 years of married life it only gets better.”

    My husband and I have only been married for 2 years, so reading this post makes me feel excited for what is to come!

  • Thank you so much Malavakia, I can not believe I only just came upon this comment, best wishes and blessings to you xxx

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