January catchup

January catchup
D I 1 or is it spider woman?  painting 
outside the cottage

Well January the first escaped me, I slept through most of the day waking only to have some cous cous C3 and DI 2 prepared for me . I had been feeling under the weather for some weeks and this was an appropriate time to surrender to fatigue and sleep and the effects of abundant champagne. The next day C3 and DI 2 left returning to their lovely cottage in Cornwall.They have encountered lots of setbacks with a broken boiler, non existent electric cabling for their newly delivered cooker, furniture that was charged for twice and did not come and so many things that went awry as happens when moving to a new home and so many things are needing to be done all at once. Even a month after moving in they are still without a proper hot water supply or a proper bed but they are painting and varnishing their socks off as well as hunting for engagement rings and although they are as missed as they also are missing family up here, we couldn’t be more happy for them and soon everyone will be visiting and I expect they will be wondering if they should have gone the whole hog and moved right to the tip of Lands End.

GC 3 with Timmy
Jacob’s cake made by mummy

This month saw GC 4 turn five, he had a lovely  fireman Sam party and we met up with DI 1’s family too, sadly also this month we  said a sad farewell to Timmy the  rabbit. Timmy belonged to C2’s family and in the past year lost first the sight of one eye and then the other, Daisy Timmy’s companion is looking a bit lost at the moment without Timmy. GC 3 was philosophical about Timmy’s passing and took it very well being older at 8 years of age and was glad Timmy was now happily bouncing around in heaven with full vision, the boys thought there really should be some sort of magic floorboard so people could nip off to heaven now and again to check in with our departed loved ones.

Matthew C 5 turned nineteen and returned to Uni where he is ensconced in Political and International Relations study.
Matt’s 19th

I started work this month at the after school club where I have taught a small kid’s yoga group for the past two years, I love doing activities with the children and also the homework and reading session at the end the day which I especially enjoy, its only bank work but so far I have had work every day, fingers crossed it continues. Ray got his Monday to Friday hours through too and is home for early Friday afternoon, he has never had weekends off so this is a welcome change. Also booked my practical exam for my reflexology course, I passed the theory a few months back and have been waiting for the practical date to be settled, we will be staying at our beloved Galford Springs. with some of the family comming too, so I am near to the exam and wont have to travel too far on the day.

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