February catchup

February catchup

Two Birthdays in February C2 and C4’s, one on the 7 th and one on the 10 th. A new eating place opened up in the local shopping centre, the centre is called The Boulevard,  Frankie and Benny’s is the new eating place. DI 1 booked a table and as we all piled in and got comfy in our seats C2 had no idea his brother and sister in law had come up from Cornwall and as we were all handing round the menus they came in the restaurant behind him and surprised him, it was priceless to see C2 well up as they had a nice big hug. After we went back to C2’s house to open  presents and have cake, C2 liked his new flat grill, so we were well pleased.

Next was C4’s birthday. C4 was not well on his birthday day and so he wrapped up in his new present from us his ‘walking dead’ poncho he calls it when he was up, and he dosed up on cough mixture and paracetamol and spent most of the rest of the day off work ill under a duvet. Later that week when C4 felt a bit better we did a pizza meal for everyone and finished it off with a cheesecake for C4’s birthday cake as he does not like regular cake, cheesecake is his favourite, which isn’t really cake at all.

During the half term at the beginning of the week C1, S I, GC 1, 2,and 3 all went down to stay with C3 and DI 2,

Rebecca, Jessica and Leon

Leon and Alex.
 Father and son looking out to sea.

Rebecca and Jennifer 
Fun on the sand
Jennifer Rebecca and Jazz

Uncle Julian and Jessica and dino
Auntie Jazz and Jessica giddy up auntie

At St Agnus Head Beacon

At the end of the week C 2 and D I 1 GC 3 and GC 4 went down.

Breakfast at Winterset cottage

Cornwall air rescue show day

GD and I are counting the days until we get to go which is less than a fortnight now.

GC 1 has started wearing glasses, he looks so cool in his new specks had to post a picture of him.

I started a new job last month and had a child protection training and first aid training this month. I am really chuffed being back at work and loving my job is a great bonus. I get to play and get paid.  Still to come this month C 4 is travelling to Germany with work to source some trees, very exciting, its been a good month, and someone is getting engaged, but its hush hush till the ring is on the finger. This is me happy happy.

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