The Ring

We drove down to Cornwall on a Thursday evening after work and spent a wonderful weekend with C 3 and DI 2. We loved celebrating their engagement and were so happy when DI 2 showed us the ring. We spent the weekend enjoying early morning walks on the local beach and good food. We were very spoilt, we enjoyed a lazy evening warmed by the wood burner playing rumikube and on the Sunday a walk up to St Agnus head to have all the townie cobwebs blown away. One morning we nearly lost our Molly as a freak wave overtook her, taking her legs out from under her, fortunately C 4 was quick to react and ran into the sea fully clothed bringing our Molly back safely.

after the rescue


no worse for wear


Early morning walk on the local beach

A week later we were up in Asby de la zouch to celebrate G D’s mum’s 80th birthday. Nan S has just had a new knee so was  happy to celebrate without too much movement away from in her chair. We all had a lovely lunch followed by cake and pressies and it was great to meet up with family we don’t get to see so much.


mums in waiting
view from the bunk house
Princeton Tor

The following weekend we were down to Galford Springs Devon for my Reflexology practical exam and whoop whoop I passed !. Loved practising again, with two jobs this year there has not been much time to keep up with the yoga and therapies but this was a delicious weekend I was in heaven. We stayed at the bunk house and met up with C3, DI 2, and C 4 and Molly dog came down too. We were there as sheep on the farm were lambing and were so privileged to see lambs so newly born they still had their umbilical cords on them.. We had a lovely walk out on the moors and a walk up nearby Princeton tor.
After a busy busy March we ended the month with a family meal and a lovely cake made by our lovely DI 1 and GC 3 and 4, who even sang us the song that inspire the cake  ‘we baked a cake, look at it’. (Only mine craft followers will really understand this), followed by connect four and the much loved shopping trolley game.


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