Blog for April

Blog for April

April began with Easter celebrations, we like to celebrate festivals in our house, we try to bring awareness following the wheel of the year and moon cycles as well. Easter, Ostara is always a time for joy for us as it is our daughters birthday as well on the fourth April, born on a bank holiday Monday C1’s birthday often coincides with the Holidays. Every year we decorate the Easter tree and bring ribbons or coloured eggs to hang with our thoughts and intentions of things we want to let go of and things we would birth in our lives.
Working term time only meant I could take a couple of reflexology bookings and I managed also to get to a couple of yoga classes for myself, one of them was by candlelight and totally blissful. I even went to my friends intro to Buddhism meeting and had a great time chanting.
GD bottled up some cider he had been fermenting and when C5 returned home from uni we had a family get together and opened the cider, it was a big success  GD was well chuffed, so too SI (in the top pic with C1) GD’s willing tester.
On the Saturday C4 and C5 went to Birmingham to see the Gadget Show, looked pretty impressive from the photo’s they took.

The weekend before work GD and I took ourselves down to visit C3 and DI 2. With just the two of us and no Molly dog( Molly being looked after at home by C4 and C5) we got to go to some more remote and rugged coastline which was amazing, laying out on huge boulders, feet from crashing waves, not a soul in sight and later we watched the sun set over St Agnes bay, stunning, beautiful, magical. On the Sunday GD went mussel collecting, we all went with GD and if you are going to eat other beings then I appreciate how fresh, natural and unadulterated this source was and also GD’s research into seasons for collecting and colonies etc.

  Home again we managed to get some mustard lettuce and carrot seeds sowed, onions planted,some cucumbers and herbs like coriander, mint and parsley. We are still harvesting Kale and spring cabbage. We positioned our new flying fish and our smiley windmill checked the wormery which is thriving now the warmer weather is breaking through.  At the end of the month we had two more family meals one a BBQ, GD loved getting his cast iron out again and another where C2 brought over his fresh made orange juice.

We are going through the house at the moment completely simplifying things and decorating, cleaning, clearing. I put up fairy lights all around the loft where we are storing some of the things we want for our move later but not using right now, makes me smile when I need to be up there, Thinking about memories because was looking through my memory box in the loft and remembered C1 showed me this earlier from her box, its from a time when I was minding my two eldest grandchildren. Time sure flies, the eldest will turn thirteen this year.
To finish up a lovely pic of GC4 sporting a nice red cast for his fractured wrist, done playing roly poly on the sofa,
his mums sofa not mine thankfully.

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