Busy times,happy times, time for the holding of breath

Busy times,happy times, time for the holding of breath

May came upon us before we knew it, busy times, happy times, time for the holding of breath.
Birthday celebrations Julian and Jazz’s 26th and 25th, my own 56th, which is brilliant because I thought I was 56 last year for at least six months before realizing I was actually 55, so feels like I got a bonus 6 months.
This month too Jazz’s dad faced a major life saving operation, Ray and I are so proud of Julian and Jazz, they did not hesitate to take time off work, to travel up to be there to support Jazz’s dad for as long as needed With no pay, to do this, they put love over
 over materialism and we love and respect them so much for it.

 May I left one of my jobs and now energies are returning to nurture my garden, She is already rewarding me with so many vibrant foods, Radishes, mustard lettuce, deep green kale, I have been experimenting more with raw and vegan foods and to walk out and pick mint, chive, rosemary coriander, parsley to make dishes packed with goodness, feeling the rays of the suns healing energies within the plants, its as if the plants almost call out, singing to me with vibration, it all just fills me with such gratitude. 

The children have been giving me a great birthday, we went to dinner at Richard and Ashley’s where they laid out a lovely spread including lots of veggies and qourn dishes and Ashley made me a beautiful strawberry cake and I got to play football with the little ones. I was so pleased with my presents, a ball of jute string which dispenses from a heavy metal scissors stand for the green house, a heavy metal bird with a bell beneath and a gorgeous varied hues of blue hippy bag. 

Andrew invited me up to where he sells plants and trees then let me loose to pick out fruit bushes, flowering plants, earth and pots, From Julian and Jazz some lovely blue bird wellington boots which I needed since I split my boot on a rock last time we were down in Cornwall and they also got me an insect house for the garden. We celebrated Julian and Jazz’s birthdays the week before with an all the family except Matt away at uni gathering BBQ at which time there was a buying of the wedding dress and then the all girls squeeze in the bedroom  trying on time. I looked around the room and my heart was filled to overflowing as being so top heavy with males in this family I always knew that one day with the arrival of daughters in law and granddaughters there would be an even-ing out and our home would be filled with female laughter and giggles, and this was the day it hit home, my bedroom was full of girls, the bed was piled with boxes and bags, white silk and chiffon, and clothes and shoes all asquif. Jazz called for Ray to come upstairs and when the littlest one said but its just girls, Jazz said Ray could be an honoury girl for five minutes. I knew how much this would mean to Ray and sure enough when Ray came in he greeted Jazz a great big bear hug.

For my own birthday, actual day tomorrow, I still have  lunch out with Jennifer my eldest to look forward to straight after work.
I am excited too as our annual trip to camp by the river at Mount Snowdon will be here next Friday and I will get to jump of the rocks into deep dark water, terrifying and exhilarating!.
I end this entry about the weekend and my visit to Gary my spiritual hairdresser, Gary lives on the Grand Union Canal on a healing boat, along with my haircut comes a chakra balance, mint tea and a life guidance session. Two hours of bliss no better way to start the weekend!.. followed on Saturday swimming with the Max and Jacob then the afternoon at Richard and Ashley’s. After planting the new fruit bushes and plants when we returned home hub and I spent the evening in the garden, snuggled up with the chimenea close by burning wood and some paper logs we had made, keeping us warm from the evening chill, our new solar powered fairy lights hung overhead spread out along the garden. I seriously love fairy lights, these ones are to come camping next week giving us a really cheery tent. Ours is the gathering tent big enough for everyone to meet in, eat if necessary, sing, tell stories, play music.




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