Snowdon Camping: Part 4, Returning Home

Snowdon Camping: Part 4, Returning Home

Tuesday found Richard, Ashley, Max and Jacob visiting from their cabin where they were staying for a few days not far from the site, the boys were excited to be going out on the kayaks, they arrived in time to share breakfast, then they were out on the water, the boys having not kayaked before were absolute naturals, they jumped in and out of the kayaks like they done it everyday, even out onto the rock ledges we jump from and were more than eager to jump, we would have let them too if they had had snug fitting buoyancy aids on as it was they had old family ones on, adequate, but mum was back on the shore and I for one did not want to take the chance of them slipping out from the pressure of the jump. Like little goats they jumped back in the kayaks, later they jumped back out again straight into the water at the bridge pool and had great fun letting the little fish that congregate there swim amongst their toes. Later in the day we took a walk down by the rapids further down the road on the left going towards Portmadog, Max, Jacob and I found three huge boulders that jutted out into the rolling waters we jumped the boulders to the farthest one and pretended that it was a raft, it was great fun and felt great to be surrounded by the fast flowing waters, but good to feel safe enough, the waters are fast but the river is wide and relatively shallow for long stretches at a time.

rapids walk
climbing rock
paddling out to elephant rock

Back at camp some of the crew opted for a challenging hike up the valley hillside to the top of an outcrop of rock, some days rock climbers scale the front face of this and its make good watching from the camping field. Some stayed at camp, Ashley, Jacob the youngest, granddad and Molly, I went the first part of the climb up through the lower rocky wooded area to where it opens out to almost sheer grassy sheep terrain and exposed rock face and sliding scree, and then back up the other side to meet them coming down, but Max went on with the rest, determined and sure footed scrambling on his hands and knees in places he set a merry pace and soon the six of them were waving from the top, glad to see through the binoculars dads arms wrapped securely around Max. Once back and rested we were off to Portmadog a seaside town about a thirty minute drive, its a lovely little town with a good cafe half way up the main hill towards the castle, which has sea views from the back windows which open out, today though we were there for fish and chips, the fish and chips are brilliant here and the shop is tucked just off of the main high street going down towards the front, the shop has a car park too so you can pick up food then drive to the parking spaces along the wall running along the front. This wall also makes a fine seating area to eat said fish and chips and gives views across the whole bay, lovely especially at sun set. Max and Jacob went down on the beach making castles and constructions with the larger pebbles and after a happy hour eating and watching the boys play we parted ways, Richard Ashley and the boys back to their cabin and the rest of us back to camp. The weather forecast was bad weather imminent, we were unsure when we were returning home, but the locals seemed a bit wary, so we opted to pack down while still dry any non essentials such as tent extensions and the inflatable rafts. The morning brought chilly cold weather and during the night the winds had rolled and gusted around the valley, at one point I found my hands had clenched the sides of my sleeping bag and there was a surge of adrenaline as the winds caught the tent hard and I sent a plea to the universe to keep our tent grounded. I half expected to see a sea of flattened tents in the morning. In the morning which was Wednesday many tents were being packed away an unusual day for so many to be leaving, so I guess we were all thinking the same. We did manage to pack down but only just, as we came up out of the valley road on our way home the heavens opened and the rain poured down. Julian and Jazz who were a little behind us said that the wardens were doing the rounds just as we left and asked them if they were secure as severe weather was on its way. Sad to be leaving earlier than hoped but certain now we had made the right decision. During the holiday it was interesting to me how at different times all had expressed how pressured they were feeling in their everyday working lives and as we journeyed back I begin to grasp how important writing my blog is,writing allows me to slow down and feel, to be aware of the currents of life, to feel where there is tightness and also what nurtures expands and feeds us.. Being out in nature helps dispel the electrical smog that surrounds us constantly. Ray and I are more sure than ever we will move away from the town, its not you cant do lots if you do happen to live in town, even a flat with no garden, its just that for us entering our older years we’ve done that part of our lives and we welcome the change and challenges of a new adventure.


There is some parts of our house that are need of attention before we sell, it may sound silly but our downstairs loo for instance had shelving above your head with storage boxes, garden coats on the door, welly boots under the sink, dog blankets and towels above the cistern being so small and dark it seriously was not a simple space. When there is so much clutter around me its hard to feel peaceful on the inside, I feel confusion and have a hard time being decisive or tuned in. And so we are transitioning, recalibrating, an adventure, all life is an adventure, but I admit to having some excited butterflies in my solar plexus on this one, where will we end up?

Jacob solo
Max solo
All out
Moles chilling
Jacob jumps out


Jacobs pebbles



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