For our 33rd wedding anniversary GD and I decided we would go camping for a weekend in Glastonbury, Avalon, the land of King Arthur. We have wanted to go for years but always something came up, but this time just the two of us with our smaller tent and one camping gas were finally on our way. We got caught in lots of traffic on the M4 and got routed through Bristol city for some reason by our satnav, Bristol was pretty busy and very noisy, we got lost on arriving in Glastonbury, but eventually we arrived at the Avalon campsite, The site has the cleanest wash rooms and the nicest showers I have ever used on a campsite and a big communal room with sinks for washing up, washing machines, an ironing board and iron, there is even a hair-dryer on the side in the washroom and closed cubicles with just a sink for privacy which are apart from the ones along the front of the plentiful loo cubicles. There are a lot of caravans and motor homes on this site but there  is also a camping field set along one side of the park of about sixty pitches, with water and bins in a tree lined enclosure towards one end, none of it more than a stones throw from the entrance and wash rooms. We arrived around the same time as a really friendly guy who pitched nearby, later his friend arrived and the two of them were more than cosy in their one man tent, our friendly friend sang both mornings on awakening and then ran around in nothing more than some tight spandex shorts and boots for the most times we saw him. Me and GD like different and they really were entertaining being such a friendly happy couple. GD and I  went for a walk through the town later that afternoon, the town is literally round the corner and over the roundabout from the site,  first we went to take some water at the white well and then fortified with water we went  further up the hill onto Glastonbury Tor, we were visited by blackbirds all the way up and finally when we reached the top we were afforded such a splendid view of the sky through the arch of the remaining ruins of the church that once stood  atop this windy Tor. I had left my camera at the tent so then we just lay down the hilltop feeling the heartbeat of the earth enjoying the peace and energy of the Tor. Coming back we popped in the Earthfare supermarket, yes, supermarket!, I was in heaven, all organic and natural, we purchased a spinach, mushroom, bean and lentil dish and brown rice noodles, with blueberry soya yoghurt for pudding, for that evening, it was scrummy.

 We were early to bed and up early the next day, after breakfast of blueberry porridge we walked up to the Thorn Tree on Wearyal hill, it was a really nice walk along a tree lined avenue with amazing houses with huge gardens, more like fields for back gardens, one actually had a community garden going, how I would love to be a part of that. We got to the Thorn which is where Joseph reportedly put his staff in the ground after travelling there from the crucifixion and a tree sprung up, the tree was vandalised last year but there is new growth emerging from the remaining stump. There were a group holding hands in a ring around the stump and singing while we were there. I briefly touched the tree giving thanks and felt a surge of energy around my head, and my fingers were tingling for a good half hour afterwards.

From there we walked over to the chalice gardens about a twenty minute walk, were the cup Jesus drank from is thought to be buried and maybe nails from the crucifixion. We left the gardens  pausing in all the quirky shops on the way back to camp, purchasing incense, a peace women statue, some sourdough bread and goats cheese, nettle shampoo and a book for our sons family who have just taken up camping this year and a book on sacred trees by Glennie Kindred. All down the high street were musicians and then fancy dressed people spilling out of the hall where a fayre was being held, a new aromatherapy shop was opening and there was a party going on there too. Later after depositing our purchases back at camps we set out again in the dimming evening light, we walked around the lane at the base of the tor, covered by deep greenery, overgrowing trees joining branches above our heads making a canopy and tall green banks as tall us our shoulders it felt like being in a fairy land, when suddenly a Beatles concert nearby started up, it was just surreal as we could see the Tor and we seemed in a magical green land away from the world, but  “she loves me, yeah, yeah, yeah was booming out seemingly from nowhere, well we enjoyed a slow walk back serenanded by famous Beatles songs, as we wound our happy but now weary way back intending to eat at camp we passed a lovely little pub and heard some nice folky music, so we popped in for a Guinness and a bowl of chips instead and it was lovely sitting by candlelight with my husband just chatting with nothing more to do than enjoy the moment. The next day we drove back a different route taking in Stonehenge and were back in time to put a lunch on for family including J and J who were up visiting having been the night before to see the Piano guys perform in London and then to see J’s dad recovering from major heart surgery. Today I am home and templating the wedding bunting I am making for the wedding and GD is bottling the Elderflower champagne he has been making also for the wedding.Back to work tomorrow but I think maybe Glastonbury might become a more regular jaunt for us.

Almost Home


Peace Mother
templates for the bunting
bottles ready for the champagne


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