Dads Birthday

Dads Birthday
GD’s Happy Birthday Honey Cake

GD’s birthday fell on a Saturday this year so we began on the Friday with going to the Cinema. Andrew came with us taking us in his little sports car , I’m relatively fit for mid fifties but it was a spectacle as I had to angle and manoeuvre to get in the back and then sit semi slumped as my head was taller than the roof. Safely there we were so glad Andrew was with as now days the ticket queue is the same queue as for the food and everything else, there were two queues and so many options of what type of ticket you could buy plus food and drink deals and where you wanted to sit, You have to realize me and GD get  flustered if we ever unfortunately end up in a fast food queue. Rail journeys and phone boxes would also elicit the same rabbit in headlight effect for us these days as does hot drinks machines in places like hospitals and don’t lets go into service station or sports centre toilet choices, showers mixed, single, group, female, male,  baby changing , changing areas communal, female, male, disabled, children up to certain ages gender friendly, by the time you’ve decided which category you are and have walked the equivalent length of half a football pitch, opted for the correct size loo and wash basins, have you seen the little mini ones for kids on the end of the grown up ones these days and then figured out how the flush works, have you ever stood there trying to work out how to turn the tap on or which is the soap dispenser and which is a hand dryer , no kidding I was in a wash room the other day, there were no sinks just a long marble ledge with sleek metal spouts dribbling water !.Well I digress, so we watched The San Andreas fault, which I really liked because now I know to run towards a stable wall in an earthquake and fire engines have walkie talkies and landlines work when mobile signals are down, but GD and Andrew thought it was a bit Hollywood full, as non of the main characters died, millions of extras but the main characters survive every possible form of death by a whisker, I like happy endings personally, so for me it was good, but I did feel bad for all the extras. We had home made pizza when we got back and then to bed.
Saturday we met with the grandchildren for an early swim, then back to make food for the picnic I had already made vegan coleslaw, delicious, and honey cake and we put some ale in our basket too, as we had just read about honey cake and ale in our Earth pathways diary. 

Earth Pathways Diary page

plus some linseed and oat bread, a rainbow salad some of which came fresh from the garden, peaches and plums, raspberry juice and a home made apple juice, it was all really lovely. We took it all to Cassionbury Park, by the Grand Union Canal, where we met up with Richards family. 

Daisy coming through

Richard and Ashley 

We ate and we played, we played football, bat and ball and rounders. 

bat and ball
elderflower heads soaking
elderflower champagne prep

sleeping lions
Jacob in thought

We walked down to the canal and watched the boats navigate the lock, the boys and the dog played in and by the stream and on the way back we picked elderflower heads for the champagne GD is making for the wedding. When we got back home the bunting materials had arrived in the post, also to make  for the wedding.

Max and Daddy share a moment

Bay and rosemary tealight

Sunday we went to the Ayletts green house to buy some tomato plants as we are too late for seeds this year, we also got a St Eval thyme and mint candle to use as a house freshener along with some bay and rosemary as bathroom fresheners. 

I also like to use frankincense in my oil burner to dispel any negative energies and bring harmony, orange is also good as a happy aroma which I also use with white vinegar as a fabric softener in the laundry.

Thyme and mint

 We dug over some new deep beds and put the toms into their new home in the green house, potted on some cucumbers and put copper tape around the pots to deter slugs. I can not bring myself to let any more of those awful blue pellets be put down, never again. Well all in all GD enjoyed his birthday weekend and next weekend it is our 33rd wedding anniversary and we will be off to Glastonbury camping and going out to see the Tor and chalice Gardens,                                                                exciting!.

Toms all bedded down

copper slug repellent

new deep beds ready

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