Gaia’s Breath

Gaia’s Breath
pic tree sisters

I feel Gaia breathing, I feel her as though she were my skin. When I am careless to discard things that will corrupt her I sense her hurting I feel her hoping that this time I would have stayed awake, I catch myself sometimes so conditioned so unawake so brought into the soft option. I think about all the times I so easily throw things in the bin too lazy to even recycle to try and figure which bin it should go in, when I leave the  power or lights on and I’m not even in the room, when I buy in to the consumer materialistic world, attaching my happiness and expectations to a brought thing, when I define who I am by my outward projections, even so I am grateful for we need shadow to know light, pain to know comfort, My angst lets me know I am journeying. Source, God, Divine is manifest in everything that surrounds us, is us, all of us individual expressions, individual drops yet at the same time, the ocean in its entirety. Have you ever lent back against a tree, have you taken time to feel the bark of the tree, really feel it with your finger tips felt the tree breathing, the saps racing through its veins, have you travelled to its outer most branches or sunk down through its roots to the rich and fertile kingdom underneath the sod. A spiritual healer told me recently I must have had a wonderful experience as a tree in a previous incarnation it is such a positive for me in my psyche. I have a yearning to get out in nature to try and drop some conditioning, we are often told live in the real world but then which is the real world any more, if you think about it we are here for a blip in time and yet we distance ourselves from birth from the world, we wrap our children up from essential experience from the environment, from life cycles, birth and death, we unwittingly desensitize them by feeding them on constant noise, There is a main frame for learning in the West any deviant from the ‘Norm’ are often labelled, many end up living defined  by ‘their’ label , surely our uniqueness should be a cause of celebration and expansion, not apology or category. I caught my fingers the other day in a door and a gentle child soul with a ‘label’  gently took them in his hand and ever so softly kissed them, this was beauty in its purist form, this spoke  heart to heart. I am so glad my grandchildren are being shown by their parents there are things other than Xbox games or phone texts, in today’s society don’t get me wrong I do understand technology for them needs to play a part at least where we are living right now and I commiserate with them when initially there can be some resistance to putting down their computer games and making the effort to go swim or do archery or just chill in the woods. Hub and me too sometimes watch a film and enjoy it, but how many times have we been tired and instead of enjoying the night sky or chatting have we languished exhausted on either end of a sofa watching something, anything, to dull our stressed minds, then too tired to make a nice nourishing oil bath, too disconnected dare I say it to enjoy each other, we have flopped each in our own dullness into bed. It is hard because everything today is designed to draw you in, even our foods are so adulterated and tampered with we don’t know the addictiveness of them, like drugs in our system.

soap nuts soaking and new scrub brushes

  I’m glad to be feeling alive tonight, we have just had home-made seeded bread, fried greens fresh from our garden, baked nutloaf with garlic infused hemp oil and red pepper dressing, spiced beetroot with raw spinach leaves leek, cue and tomato salad. My natural fibre scrub brushes have just been delivered and my soapnut wash up liquid is ready, alls right with the world.

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