Stories from my heart

Stories from my heart

I have lots of stories inside of me, sometimes when I get still they just seem to burst out, this one I wrote when I was teaching children’s yoga and I have a soft pink owl I named Sarah I used as a prop to introduce the stories to the children. So this is how i would begin.

wise Sarah Owl

 Let me introduce you to a friend of mine her name is wise Sarah Owl, Sarah is a story teller who is wise and learned. Sarah’s stories begin at the beginning of time, through all generations they have been told, to all the children who would listen and when the children who listened grew up they became mothers and fathers and shared the stories with their children, who became mothers and fathers. And so it is with the sharing and telling of stories. Now if you are snug and you are comfortable and warm and you are listening carefully lets take an adventure together and learn about peoples, places, animals and happenings, from near and far, that have happened to children and people just like you and just like me.

When the world was just born and everything was new, there were just a few people who lived on the earth,  one of them was a young boy called Sam, Sam’s job every morning was to gather fire wood for the family’s fire, as Sam worked the animals of the plains would watch him shyly from the cover of the tall green grasses, now Sam was only a little boy and the firewood was sometimes as big as he was, but he worked very hard to help his family because he knew how important it was to keep the fire burning, the animals could see how hard Sam worked so they got together and decided that they would help Sam in his task. The elephant family brought wood logs from the trees that had fallen in the forest, the herons brought all the little twigs and branches that came from the edges of the lake where they bathed, even the insects carried thrice times their weight and brought fallen leaves and kindling from the floor of the forest. As the years past Sam grew to be a fine young boy, at twelve he was big and strong from all his hard work. One day as he sat by the fire he heard a sound that made him tremble, the rains had fallen heavily and had made the rivers swell and now a torrent of water was flooding across the plain, panicked the animals ran from the cover of the forest, Sam knew that they had to get higher ground and Sam knew the way to safety, putting all his fear behind him Sam ran towards the fleeing animals, fist he climbed up onto a tall branch and jumped down onto the frightened elephants neck, softly he spoke to the elephants ear “be calm and do what I say, one step at a time we will climb up the mountain side and there we will wait till the danger has passed us”, this was enough to calm the elephant, with Sam by his side they slowed the panicked forest dwellers and slowly and surely they escaped the rising swells. The heron helped all the ground crawling insects, lifting them up over the hardest parts, till everyone human and animal, fowl and insect, made it to safety, not a single life was lost. Later as the waters receded Sam sat by the fire as the sun was setting and looking out he could see his friends making their way back to their homes, there would be lots of repair work needed but Sam would be there right with them. helping them to rebuild their homes, just as the animals had always shown kindness towards Sam, together they were watching out for each other so that all would be well. Sam contemplated how everything is connected one to another and felt love and gratitude to all living beings, no matter how big, no matter how small, from the tiniest insect to the biggest elephant, all are precious creations in our beautiful world.


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A pain is a flat area.  Occurring as Lowland  at the bottoms of valleys but also on plateaus or uplands at high elevations. In a valley, a  plain is enclosed on two sides but in other cases a plain may be delineated by a complete or partial ring of hills, by mountains or cliffs. 
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