Today is a good day

Today is a good day
this years cabbage

Really lovely morning in the garden with hubby, getting completely drowned in the rain and covered in earth. The Postman called with letters and a parcel. I heard the dog barking so went down the side alley to see if anyone at the front door, there was the postie almost as wet as me, postie had to place the package he had for me and a couple of letters  between my elbows as hands wet and caked in dirt, rain dripping off my weather proofs, hair plastered to my face and nose dripping, I smiled sheepishly at him and said thanks very much, he grinned at me and left. Well pleased though with a very productive morning in the garden. Harvesting this years cabbage, planting out and netting next years, kale potted on, radish picked for lunch, onion bed ready to harvest, just needs sun to dry off,

my lovely peas
next years cabbages
Kale a real staple
onions to harvest


courgettes in situ and protected


beetroot, great spiced , raw, roasted, boiled


Radish for lunch
Oranges so cheerful on a wet overcast  day

 Pretty peas climbing up, love the way their tendrils seek out sticks and string to climb up, one of my favourites, beetroot bed weeded, still using the spiced beets from last year, so nice. Courgettes space out and protected with cover cage, cues and toms tied up and supportedin the greenhouse they are heavy with fruits. About to squeeze a big jug of orange juice to go with lunch. Today is a good day.

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