Frugal and happy

Frugal and happy
recently made bracelet

Interesting times, one day you wake up and know life isn’t going to be the same. We have talked about G D giving up work before, but being an old fashioned boy brought up in the work until pension era, G D always back tracked when push came to shove, but G D’s painful back and general health has been giving him extra jip this past couple of years and now G D is taking the plunge and retiring early so he can start an adventure before he is too done in to join in. My own dad died one day at 47 no warning, with hind sight there were markers, like high blood pressure and blinding headaches but no one saw it coming, so I think that makes me quite a live now sort of person, not a live for the future planner type. I’v got a few months before it all kicks in, but then apart from my pat time nursery job income, we will be living of off savings, mum left me, enough to last six years if we live very frugally, with no major surprises, although I already know youngest is going to need his fare to Prague for his uni studies. I see this as a challenge and am going to blog our progress. Interesting because our central heating system is at its life’s end, the wash machine is just hanging in, cooker and fridge freezer all aged and protesting with unknown noises and groaning, the car is old but hopefully good for another couple of years, the kitchen floor is in desperate need of new lino,  the hallway and lounge not far behind and some of the double glazed windows are either blown or stuck. If we haven’t moved house in six years then we will have to and downsize then to free up some more finance to live on, pensions wont kick in for Ray for another fourteen years although mine will in ten.

will post my shopping record

Firstly today have revamped an old note book so as to write down everything we buy and will be posting my list at the end of every month to see how things change, for instance today I brought a loaf of bread for a £1, next month I will be making it as I have lots of flour in my larder, and posting recipes comparing brought verses made and logging my trials and errors and hopefully my successes. Same with birthday and xmas gifts I can see these make up a considerable part of our budget being at least sixteen immediate and then about ten extended family in our circle, then there are friends, work pools, plus all the cards that get brought and stamps to send them out. Today ink arrived for the printer, boxed and wrapped, so I’v folded the brown paper for wrapping paper which I will decorate with stampers or even cut potato prints. The cardboard

wedding bunting am making at the moment
Preparing the cut outs

from the box goes in my compost bin for aeration or my wormery for food. I will be adding photos as they come. It would be very

encouraging to know if anyone outside of the family will be following our frugal happy blog. One of my main areas is going to be how to feed and care for four adults on £65 a week if it is even possible, but that would also include not just food but allowance for toiletries and laundry too, I have lived on budgets all my life but there has always been replaceable income via a monthly wage, now there is just savings and when its gone its gone, but also I hope we may be able to generate some income like I give massage, mostly for free to family and friends but very occasionally someone, not family, will pay me something, I love making bunting and xmas stockings and such things and bracelets etc. who knows, a friend once commissioned me to make stockings for her family, at least they make good gifts and I know my vegan chocolate truffles etc and home made jams pickles and biscuits go down well. G D has finally agreed to some chickens too, eggs are such a price, which they should be too, am not a fan of eggs tending towards vegan cooking, but prefer to raise my own chicks if I am going to use eggs for the rest of the family and at least let them have a good rummage on the deep beds etc..Want to make this a very happy and positive change, any tips or links to like minded sites or people very welcome,would love to get a bit of community going.

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