Making it work

Making it work
My new fly deterrent

Looking for ways to make savings I found some good bulk buys on Amazon. Changing my thinking a bit on buying this way, always a preference to buy local but also bulk buying can mean less packaging and fuel when what I’m buying is not available local or is only stocked in a supermarket . Its one to give thought to.

I brought nettle tea which will last two months saving me £2.21. . Really annoyed with myself as still did not make dried nettle tea from local nettles. Am doing well on my chamomile though.
Dog Food  amazing saving of £13.06. Should again last two months. So did not feel bad when I brought citronella cones and a burner to combat fly problem in the kitchen, total £11.65 I was desperate to not solve the problem with a fly zapper. My copper rings have done brilliantly on the slug deterrent front and so hope this works for the flies.

From Morrison’s which is local to me and I can cycle to I brought the following, but some of it not proud of as had some requests from my two young adults living at home in the basket too.

Milk 6 pt                                 £2.00
Almond Milk 4 litre              £4.00
10 FR Eggs                            £2.00
350 gr cheddar Cheese          £2.00
3 x large yoghurt tubs           £3.00

white potatoes 2.5 kg            £1.67
Baking potatoes 2.5 kg         £2.00  
English Carrots 1 kg             £0.62
3 brown Onions                     £0.67
Apples 1.08 kg (6)                  £3.59

Cooking bacon 500 gr           £0.81
Gammon Rounds x 2             £2.00

24 Yorkshire puds                £2.00
Fries 600 gr                            £1.00

Ketchup 1 kg                         £1.25
chai tea 12 bags                      £3.49

16 chocolate wafer bars        £2.00
12 crisps                                 £2.50
1ltr fizzy drink                       £1.68
1 large pack haribo               £0.95

1 pack Ibuprofen                   £0.32
1 pack of two toilet blocks    £0.30
                            Total          £39.85    

There has to be balance and the boys were good today  (Monday) eating brown batch bread instead of their usual white for a lunch time sandwich.

made a white loaf for the boys

Apples I like to get UK grown but C 4 only eats pink lady, the day will come soon enough when I will be shopping just for me and GD and we will have all the time in the world to go wholly local or home produced etc., and I do think the children take in elements of what we are about. 
I did notice the baking spuds were dearer than the white and I could easily bake the bigger whites and save money there next time.
The onions were for making ear oil for GD’s earache, I have grown plenty of onions in the back garden  which are pungent but smallish and was not sure they would give such a lot of juice as the big fat ones from the supermarket.
Chai tea, I dithered back and forth before buying such a luxury, I did get it but found bulk on Amazon which would have saved me £2.46. too expensive for our new budget though and will have to go on my wish list for BD or Xmas. I generally only drink green type herbal teas but love the odd cup of chai or earl Grey taken black, its really nice.
Total spend £89 pounds, with money left from holiday added to weeks allowance just done it, still rest of week to get through but plenty in the freezer. 
Dilemma: boys are wanting ham, white bread and pickle. Will make a white loaf now, then only two things to work on. I actually have a lot to fit in today and baking was not on my agenda , but I read a passage from S.C.Lourie this morning part of a bigger script: I would like to share it with you
  ‘ But the more I do, the less I feel of myself. The less I feel my cheeks twinge as I smile because smiling becomes robotic. The less I feel when I think about the things that make me happy, because I am always on the go and don’t really have time to process the wonder. The less I feel of the wind as it blows through me because it’s not just about me being aware of the sacred wind but of being aware of sacred me too.’  It ends later ‘And so I am choosing to slow down, to set myself free and let go of some of the demands put on my life by me.And my soul echoes Amen’.
It really resonated with me and so I am going to just bake bread being present and aware and letting all the things on my mental to do list fall away.

Meals for Sunday:
Breakfast :Homemade muesli with Almond Milk.
Lunch:We had peas and carrot’s with dinner today straight from the deep beds and carrot planter bag, with some spuds and some chicken from our freezer, I had a veggie pie also from our freezer and the boys had yorkshires and gravy too.
Lunch had been quiet late and nobody was very hungry in the evening so just had a yoghurt and fruit in the evening. The boys had their football match on T.V and were snacking on crisps, chocolate bars and fizz :(.  GD was resting as his earache has taken it out of him and was not hungry either.

Meals for Monday:
Breakfast H.M. muesli with cranberries and Almond Milk.
Lunch: Boys had batch brown bread cheese sandwich with crisps and chocolate bars (I know, I’m working on it).
Tonight’s Dinner: Gammon Round, grilled toms (fresh from greenhouse) and creamy mashed potato, C4 will want baked beans too. Mine and G D’s: Green pasta, mixed with grilled tomatoes drizzled with organic sunflower oil , sprinkled with garlic and chilli flakes and a little grated cheese on top. Am for myself working on replacing the cheese, it being diary.

Note: after onion juice and a hot water bottle and rest G D was feeling well enough to go to work for a few hours today.

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