Summers end

Summers end
our first eggs

August was busier than we had planned for, we only had the last two weeks of our summer holiday to get our head around our alternative life changes, the note book with all expenses and meals record had to get put aside as we just tried to just keep up with all the cooking from scratch and sourcing local food or using our home-grown crops from our garden. (See pic of bread below). I will still do the record, but have discovered we need to adjust greatly the time we give to make the changes we need to make as we transition leaving our instant gratification life style.
We are both back to work now but only for four days a week. Our first Friday off together poured with rain all day, so not so much garden work done, but did make a home-made card for an invitation reply using a dried flower head and wrapped a gift with brown package paper then painted some dinosaurs on it for Max’s birthday, finished the wedding banner I was working on, plus finished an aromatherapy paper for my B.S.Y course, am learning so much about essential oils, plants and their benefits. The nutmeg I’ve been freshly grating onto my nut milk at night for instance is good for aiding sleep, found this out researching for something else. You can overdo it though and it would be bad for you, so go easy. 
Its good to see all the salad, spinach and salad onion seedlings we have planted have all taken and today Max and Jacob helped to transplant the mixed leaf salad seedlings to a deep bed, our radishes are coming up strong as is the beetroot, which we are having almost daily. The last of the spring cabbages are big part of our diet and we are having lovely small dark greens from the cut heads that sprout again once the head has been taken. Blackberries were very early this year and not tasty and big like they usually are, but the rhubarb has been amazing completely taking over an area to itself. We have had small handful’s of blackcurrants, red currents, tayberries and blueberries, which have been a great addition to our quinoa porridge in the morning.We lost our gooseberries to saw fly, but our strawberries gave us pots of jam and luscious fresh fruits and are having a second flowering, we had our annual ‘one’ fig which we shared under a full moon,  warmed by our chiminea, with due ceremony!. 

salad seedlings
uncle tickles at the BBQ

The herbs this year been a big part of our meals a sprinkling here and there of chive, parsley, mint, oregano, coriander, basil and more. Toms and cucumbers although not massively abundant have been ample to keep us from buying in from the shops and we had our first two eggs from our new girls this morning. Lavender has done well and am drying off for some preparations. Chamomile is still giving me lots of flowers for my tea. The winter cabbages and kale we planted are coming along nicely under netting. Disappointing but not unexpected the courgettes and nasturtiums were affected badly by the erratic weather this year, on the other hand the onions were brilliant. Lots now drying off to keep us going at least for the autumn/winter months.
 We are going to look at a house next week, south coast, next to a huge wood, to assist with our change of life direction, fingers crossed. 
We celebrated Max’s ninth birthday yesterday and also had a family end of summer BBQ at Jen and Alex’s house, just before everyone returned, some for new schools and for some different jobs. Some starting new clubs like Max Karate and Leon sailing.
Autumn is my favourite time of year, I have loved the bright vibrancy of summer but am ready to move to the slowing time and deep rich hues of autumn.
GD has been getting his hand back into restoring discarded unloved stuff. He is starting with conditioning some old salt cellars a restaurant chucked out.
Next week will be taking my Indian Head Massage Exam but for this afternoon am about to clean the chicken run out, then of to have a long soak with some fresh cut lavender sprigs.


GD has been reconditioning dumped restaurant salt cellars


Making our own rolls


                                                      Below is a picture of the finished wedding banner

Banner for the wedding finished
Max and Jacob making crispies
Leon ready to go back to school


Rebecca new school and uniform for it


Karate kid Max new suit



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