Andrew and new car

Today Andrew and me have been getting the house ready, jazzing it up a bit for everyone (except Matt whose stuck at Uni, but we will Skype him later and put him on the table :)), coming over for Pizza this evening including Julian and Jazz and their new dog Marley. Andrew has also been cleaning his new car, part of the reason he got a new car was so he will be able to do the six hour drive up and down to Cornwall at the weekends.
A lot of our stuff is already in crates for the move but I was pleased with what we got together and it is so nice to be dressing our faithful house for what is most likely the last time she will have almost the whole tribe together.
 Last week I went apple picking at the Orchard with Richard Ashley and the boys and Jen has been popping over during the week with Jessica after school. First thing I need to get up and running when we move will be the broadband and phone and a desk dedicated to writing to the families and grandchildren with photos, poems, stories and things that might interest them or they may want to go to like events on the beach or days like bird box making day at the local hall, and we will be up lots with our sleeping bags and pillows to sleep on the couch so we can still go Saturday swimming sometimes or catch a day over at Veralum park  to pick elderberries and feed the ducks or have waffles and chocolate at the waffle house, mum is buried in the cemetery there too where we meet Mike once a year, her friend.
 I have not been writing much lately about how to make recipes or natural cleaning alternatives, as I see it there will be lots of time to come in the new year for that, when I will not be tied to the alarm clock telling me it is time for work, and as much as I know I will miss my job and the girls I work with and the children I also know I am  privileged, I can see enough what a precious thing time is and so by writing this in my blog to remind me  never to take the time I will have  for granted or forget what a very great gift it is to have time.



Andrews contribution
have to have fairy lights


love lights and greenery on the banister
soon time to make the pizzas


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