Building a different life

Building a different life

I love this from Higher Perspective I would love to have this hanging by my door just to remind me of the rat race we have left / hoping to leave behind, as usual the buying and selling of  a house never runs smoothly and as we found out today the end of the chain is on shaky ground.
As much as I’d like to say we are not stressed we are terribly stressed!!.
My wages have finished now and I end work next week, being paid in advance there will be no more wages for me. Ray has one more wage packet then it is finished and we are off the treadmill.

Jacob’s cake
fruit salade
home made cards and the parcels all wrapped up
very yummy avocado on spelt toast

So this week I made birthday cards and homemade wrapping for the presents we needed to give and from the larder we made breads and pizza bases, using a mix of flours with a good percentage spelt flour and poppy seeds to top. Then we mixed up soft avocados with turmeric and mixed garlic and herb salt and had that on toasted slices of our rustic bread for lunch. We got all the fruit near its end and made up a lovely fruit salad from it.
Matthew had an early 20th birthday before returning to Canterbury for the spring term at uni, we celebrated quietly with just a nice family meal and homemade cake. Jacob had a 6th birthday party at his house with lots of friends and relatives and homemade food and a delicious monkey cake all home made by his mum and dad and noticed the recycled serviettes on the table too, very impressed mum and dad.

Matthews 20th

Andrew also purchased a secondhand van this month
and began a new chapter in his garden project procurement business.


notice the polo says ‘project gardens’
Thought to leave you with and for me to remember

“Obstacles can arise from good as well as bad circumstances, but they should never deter or overpower you. Be like the earth, which supports all living creatures indiscriminately, without distinguishing good from bad. The earth is simply there. Your practice should be strengthened by the difficult situations you encounter, just as a bonfire in a strong wind is not blown out, but blazes even brighter.” ~ HH Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

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