First Compassion letters of the year

First Compassion letters of the year


One to  Uganda
one to Rwanda

First Compassion letters of 2016 posted off today. My little girls are not so little anymore turning fourteen and twelve over the next week and couple of months respectively. They are close in age to my eldest grandchildren and I love to think about them going about their day and reading in their letters to me about their hopes and dreams, their joys and disappointments in just the same way I hear about my grandchildren’s days over here, their aspirations, their trials and their joys..

I added some sparkly hearts to the boarders of their letters as valentines is coming up, so I themed the letters this time around love and wrote about love and how on valentines day we can tell people who are close to us, our family, our friends, how much they mean to us.Of course we don’t have to wait for a special day to do that but having a tradition or a special celebration day helps us to focus on various things that make up the rich tapestries of our lives. I wrote about our Christmas and how Julian and Jazz are now married and sent photos of the decorated hall which looked wonderful, like fairyland, and one of Julian and Jazz after the ceremony at the church. I sent a laminated card with a Bible verse conveying they are loved from Philippians ch1 v7, a pic of the photo compassion send to me of each child which comes annually with a brief update of their details, things about the center they attend, what compassion provides for them and how to find out more about their country. I enclosed a bookmark too with a pretty angel on it. I tell my girls they are beautiful because they truly are inside and out, their letters appear often to me beyond their years, they ask me to pray for their countries, that the elections would go well, that their parents health would be better, that their siblings would study well, that their families would remain safe, about the goat or the seed potatoes they brought with birthday money. I am grateful to write to these girls, I love learning about my girls and they give me eyes to a different world I might otherwise not experience and in doing so they remind me of what is really important in life, love, kindness, compassion, a gentle spirit are among them.

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